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    If cpm is your only concern, Stevens is probably not the right fit for you, if what you actually make in a check is important, Stevens can be a fit for you. If training and learning to do the job correctly, efficiently and safely is important to you, Stevens is absolutely the right fit for you.

    The pay is graduated and you will receive 4 raises in the first year, and the Average length of haul is such that if you want to run, you will make money. More importantly however is that Stevens training can set you up for a successful career, even if it is else where.

    As an example, Yesterday I was at my terminal getting a service done on my truck. I work for a small carrier now, and I overheard a conversation between the owner and my fleet manager discussing another driver and how he was unable to make it from California to Pennsylvania in 6 days running recap hours. This driver, as the owner stated, does not understand recap hours whatsoever. I called a friend who also works here, and is also a former Stevens driver, and he couldn't believe it either.

    Stevens stresses a couple of things, one being trip planning and another being running hard at the start of a load, if there is extra time, get it down the road and maybe get repowered off of it, but either way, the load does not get burned, and there is no service failure.

    With proper trip planning, one would know that from California to Pennsylvania is a 4 1/2 day trip, with 6 days on the load, that leaves a day and a half which is perfect time for a 34 hr restart, and there is no impediment to making OTD. This was this particular drivers second service failure in 30 days. This account we are on in back and forth across the country, so times are not super tight.

    This is the in-depth kind of training that can set you up for a successful career with whoever you drive for down the road, this is the in depth kind of training you receive at Stevens. Every company will teach you how to back, and every company will teach you how to buttonhook etc, but what sets some companies apart from others is the depth and breadth of the total training curriculum
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    Yep,they right up there with Werner!
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    Straight from their (Henderson) website ...

    OTR Company Drivers

    Solos Average 2,100 Miles/Week
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    Never drive for them, but the handful of drives I have spoken to all had the same complaint: HOMETIME.

    They want you to stay out 6+ weeks, give them a hard time about how many days they take off, and never seem to be concerned about getting drivers home on time. 2 drivers have complained that they were left stranded obey Xmas holidays nowhere near home and the response was ambivalent and uncaring from the company.

    Fact or fiction? I dunno, but that's what was related to me from some of their drivers.

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    I almost went there instead of Averitt. Two things stopped me. First pay was only .26 also they wanted me to sign a form to check workers comp claims. I had to get an attorney after my shooting incident that left me with PTSD to cover dr's visits. They would have opened a can of worms with some meds I am on that would have killed a driving job with any company that uses DAC reports.
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