Got LTL job with Ryder hauling for CVS... what should I expect? Need advice.

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by mdr724, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. mdr724

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    Aug 22, 2011
    Hi, I just got a job for Ryder, delivering to CVS stores. I've got over a year over the road experience and I've done multiple deliveries in the same day to Walmart stores before but the pace seems super-fast according to a PDF file I found on Ryder's website (there's a supposed 15-30 minute window per delivery)

    Is that possible?

    They say they are very strict, hitting one curb means getting fired.

    I'm a professional driver and when I was training over the road I was bugged by my trainers constantly hitting cubs. When i got out on my own I hit them a lot less than my trainers, but I did hit them, I was aware of the curbs that I did hit before I hit them but it was one of those things of not setting up right because of working way too many hours and being treated like crap by the company i worked for.

    I could've corrected, backed up a little, and than re-angled and not hit them but sometimes there would be cars right up my butt so it would've been a nuisance to do and really kind of pointless considering that every time i've hit a curb after checking my tires no marks showed on the tires. No damage was created.

    This company is much more likely to adhere to DOT HOS regulations than the over the road company I worked for, and being home every night and stuff will make it easier to do the job right without making mistakes, but there looking at 8-10 deliveries per day.

    The stores are about 2-4 miles apart so that's the good thing, but I google mapped CVS stores and they look kind of tight. (Not that i couldn't get into them no problem, just that if I have to RUSH to get all the deliveries done than it's tough).

    Anyone out there done this run before?

    What's the road test like? If i can handle a year at Prime, can I handle (and keep) this job?

    Thanks for any info/suggestions.
  2. double_r

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    Sep 6, 2008
    Don't know about CVS but Ryder does Rite-aid around here and all I can say is that it is very fast paced and hard. Trucks loaded wrong, got to move the totes totes that you picked up at the last stop to get the product for the next stop, then make room for the totes that you have to pick up at that stop. Store employees move real slow and alot really don't want to help you unload, although they are required to(Rite-aid policy).

    Ryder called me about the account many times and both a friend of mine who drivers for Ryder but on another account and my sister-in-law, who is a manager at Rite-aid told me how screwed up it is and to run fast!
  3. Gizmo_Man

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    Aug 15, 2011
    Hardly around
    Hi, I Do know about the CVS account, you will work like an animal. Ryder cannot keep drivers, and as such, temp agencies are called in. In my area alone Ryder has CVS, but so do about 5 temp agencies and some of them advertise on Craig's List, and in the ads they say things like, *labor intensive*. Everytime I try to apply for a job at Ryder, they try and see if I will work for the CVS account, I tell them to go pound sand. The CVS company driversare treated like gold. But the labor temp agency drivers (and Ryder drivers) are treated like the dirt they walk on.

    Every month, there is at least 3 ads from different temp agencies for the CVS account in my area. Ryder always has an open house in the paper, but many here know to stay away, this is why the constant placement ads.

    I wish you well, you will need it, good luck. Even though I am on layoff?, I would rather collect unemployment then work the CVS account.
  4. GasHauler

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    Oct 23, 2005
    I did that kind of tote work when I first started driving back in 78. We had 1300 totes on the truck and many stops. It's bust ### work and to me it was the only job that guaranteed me back by monday morning so I could go to my Navy job. Other than that I wouldn't work like that ever.

    We ran teams thou so I don't know how hard your work will be. We took our totes to a warehouse and a salesman picked up what he needed for his stores. I imagine it was mostly the same stuff you'll be hauling unless you're doing the drug store stuff. Everything from hair shampoo to tooth paste. And I'm sure 20 minutes is enough time with no breaks. The trick is to get in and get it off and get out of there. If you're block by a car you'll wait. If the store is screwed up you'll wait. Try it if you like but make sure you look around the company and see if there's drivers with years with that company or drivers that are in and out.
  5. Lonesome

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    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    Years ago, I knew some drivers who delivered CVS stores through Penske. They were working out of the Indianapolis DC. According to them, it was a constant work yer arse off!
    The stores were supposed to provide help, but most times it was the driver by himself. They had to do quite a few stores each day, sometimes backing down an alley, or another tight space. Then it was pretty much ALL floor loaded, with the driver loading the "conveyor" sending the merchandise into the back room.

    Didn't sound like anything I wanted any part of!!
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