Got myself a lifetime ban

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    Where is your location?
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    Apr 26, 2013
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    Next time and there will be a next time tell them to unload you. Inform your company this man was screaming and cussing at you to drive your truck with an unsecured load. You’re just a truck driver you don’t have thousands of dollars to pay for a coil.

    But the truth is nine times out of ten if they believe that you’re serious about being unloaded their attitude will instantly change because they don’t want to explain to their boss why they’re unloading trucks in the shipping bay.

    Especially when it’s a safety issue. My favorite sentence is “Words have meaning and that’s unsafe.”

    I’ve had to wait behind plenty of TMC and Maverick trucks waiting for them to do their thing because they were more worried and rightfully so about being fired by their company for being unsafe then worried about pissing off the crane or fork lift operator.

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    Mar 5, 2016
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    I usually ask myself or wife if we are safe today.

    Meaning any problems or ruffled feathers? Or burrs under the saddle?

    Sometimes it's hard not to try and swat the wasp hovering for a chance at the pollen food on the car while you are trying to load it for a doctors appt.
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    Jul 11, 2012
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    I was delivering lime to a place one day at my last job. I'm still not sure what exactly they did in that place, but I know the security to get in there was a nightmare. And they were extremely adamant about wearing long sleeve shirts, jeans, work boots, hard hat, safety glasses, and the Stoopid reflective vest that I hate so much.

    I get through security, drive around to the silo I'm to unload into, and there's a pickup truck in the way. Not thinking, I hop out and begin walking to the building to find someone to move the truck. I didn't have the full regimen of safety crap on at that time.

    Out of nowhere, here comes this dude that to this day I swear was 7 feet tall. He's yelling like a drunk woman on a three day drunk binge. Carrying on about being out of the truck without the safety crap.

    I'm a very mild mannered person, and it takes alot to wind me up. But when that big SOB grabbed me by the arm and was dragging me to my truck, I lost all respect and manners. I just saw red at that point.

    I hop in the truck, slam the door in his face as he's climbing on the step. So I grabbed the fire extinguisher pulled the pin, and stuck it in his face. He backed off instantly.

    He's still outside screaming like a maniac as I called my dispatcher, who was like my second Mom. She could hear him through the phone, and the closed window. I was instructed to leave. So, I put the truck in gear and begin leaving.

    I get out to the security shack, I'm signing out, and Andre the Giant comes in, wanting to know what I'm doing. '####ing leaving!' Then he wanted to be my buddy 'Oh no, you can't, we need that lime!' I flipped him a quarter and told him to call someone that cares.

    When I returned the load to the quarry, I was met with the office pukes, and asked to come inside. They informed me that they no longer do business with that place, and Andre the Giant is now looking for a job. They've gone out of business I've heard.

    Karma's a ###### I hear.
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    Mar 5, 2016
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    Oh ya he needs that lime alright. It's a good horse stall disinfectant or a mass grave infectious barrier.
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    Aug 30, 2009
    All steel mills have bad attitudes
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    These are good stories, makes me feel better after I left my postal job which was otherwise not too bad. The gloom there and the Stockholm Syndrome started to leach into my being.

    Looking for work but relieved not to be dealing with that atmosphere any longer. I would cough stuff up after leaving the one dock, probably still has asbestos floating around.
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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    I was with one elementary school in Maryland, it's being rebuilt in place for years to remove asbestos from the 60's era. You think with the type for insulation etc it's in the body already who knows. I don't worry about it. All that bogeyman stuff. Life is too fun for that.
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    holler @Dave_in_AZ
    ya'll might be a good fit
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