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    When Ron Acciavatti built his house 58 years ago on the corner of Black Road and McNabb Street, he was lucky to have five cars drive by in a day. Black Road was once single lane and gravel.

    Last week, he posted a homemade sign to curb unwanted traffic in the area. His sign, across the road from Finn Hill where the yield is, reads, “You ####### slow down I live here.”

    “McNabb isn’t designed as a traffic route,” said Acciavatti Thursday, “I’ve got all kinds of tractor trailer units coming around that corner there like it’s a speedway, at 70 or 80 km/h.

    A sign to slow down

    “They’re going through here like a shot out of hell,” he said.

    Acciavatti told The Sault Star that trucks are using the section of McNabb Street between Black Road and Wellington Street as a shortcut to miss two sets of traffic lights. He said that many people run the red light altogether.

    “About once a week, there is a rear end collision,” said Acciavatti, who has been at the busy corner location since he was 23.
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    Our Truckers must be getting weak and in need of a blanky if a couple red lights run em off. Probably all that push button stuff has made them zone out.

    Dig up the street ditch both sides 4 feet, reduce road pavement to single lane and gravel. Add crown. Make sure you use tracked dozers so you leave front end wrecking zippers all over it up and down.

    Thus the road is turned back to its natural state 100 years ago. It should eliminate the traffic in a short order.
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    Or, choice "B", have the city designate it as a no trucks route.
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    It is I think
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