Halvor Lines-Good/Bad?

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  1. grusco

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    Feb 25, 2012
    Rosemount, MN
    Based in WI/MN. Any experience with this company? Would it be a place to join as a rookie?
  2. steelbeltsdrumming

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    Jan 28, 2012
    Winona, MN
    They would be a decent fit for a rookie in my opinion, and far better than the huge mega carriers. You will have to go out with one of their trainers for a few weeks or more if you are totally new to trucking.

    Electronic logs will keep the DOT out of your business for the most part. they run fairly safe equipment, and have their reputation built on that.

    Be flexible (shouldn't need saying in this industry), be willing to run east and Canada as 80% of their freight goes there with vans, reefers, or flats. There is no forced NYC or Quebec loads (at least in 2008 there wasn't), If I remember right nothing was totally forced. But don't plan on a gravy run to California every week, remember you are there to work and make the company and yourself money.

    Stay away from the whiners, complainers, terminal rats and truck stop lawyers they have working there and you will be fine. Keep the left door shut on focus on doing your job.

    Sometimes backhauls/reloads/broker freight can be spotty so like I said be flexible. If you live close to Duluth they have a lot of short haul stuff too (Milwaukee, Des Moines, Chicago) so you can take time off here and there if the big mile loads get slow.

    If you live close to the twin cities you have many more options available.

    Just my $.02
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  3. Troubl maker

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    Mar 31, 2012
    Duluth, mn
    They're a good company to drive for. They get u home on a weekly basis and u can make decent money. Just don't listen to all the negativity from other drivers. Make ur own opinion on the company. Take the loads dispatch offers,buy their fuel for their Trk where they say to buy it and things will go good. Good luck to ya!
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