Halvor Lines, Superior, WI: No longer worth it

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by snowbegone, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. bigbuddah71

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    Jan 16, 2008
    I can remember the day when I would have killed for a new KW flat top. sure beats the old f/l cabover I started out driving!
  2. diesel_weasel

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    Oct 6, 2008
    Rochester, MN
    Well I spoke with a Halvor driver yesterday. The reasons for the new flat tops with super singles are this. When Mosnon was wiped out of the picture, a good deal of regional freight opened up out of NuPage and Sappi. Fil-Mor and a few others tried to step in and steal some of Halvors existing freight as well as all of Monson's. So the main reason behind the smaller trucks was to keep from losing probably 3 or more major accounts as well as picking up a lot of regional feight. A small somewhat cramped sleeper is better than being jobless.

    I guess they are actually busy again according to the guy I talked to. Their long distance OTR is a little shaky but regional is going nuts. Makes me wish i would have stuck around there, But I was starving from last November through February.

    You said it yourself, there are far worse places to work. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt and move on if you're so happy with your new job? If you're happy, that is...
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  3. dieseldan2005

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    Feb 6, 2009
    North Branch, MN
    I saw 2 of HL's new petes today. The T660's have the flattop bunk, but the new petes have both 48" bunks and 70" ultra cabs.
  4. snowbegone

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Eau Claire, WI
    There are far worse places to work, and there are also far BETTER if you have any kind of experience.

    So they needed to cut weight to save some big accounts. Where's your excuse for the other idiotic rules and regualtions they have come up with over the past 5 years?

    For trucks set at 65 MPH that turn themselves down to 62 at a moment's notice?

    The idiotic fuel/routing program? I know of outfits twice as big as HL that let their driver's fuel where they want. The office staff keeps growing and growing and they're too lazy to figure out fuel taxes?

    And how about dispatchers that won't let you get decent hometime, and are in one hell of a hurry to send you to the east coast so you can sit for days on end?

    The job market in Duluth/Superior sucks, is always worse than the nation's average. There are no good trucking comapnies left up there, maybe Jeff Foster but that's a stretch. This is the big reason HL has turned into a dirtbag outfit. Unless you talk like you starred in the movie "Fargo" these idiots up here look at you weird, like you're the one with an accent. I guess the brutal cold winter and 2 week summer screws up the wires in the brain.

    Don't just walk from Duluth/Superior, RUN!!!

    Don't just walk from Halvor Lines, RUN!!!
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  5. moreaujeremy

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    Nov 23, 2009
    rockford il

    I haul a lot of scrap paper for all over to Green bay with Covenant but the pay is not good so i am looking for somthing better
  6. veteran_rookie

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    Jan 24, 2010
    Forest Lake, MN
    This thread just about describes my experience with Halvor Lines to a T. There are worse companies, but I pity anyone who is stuck up there in the frozen north working for these fools.

    Back when I drove for JB Hunt I heard people rant and rave about how great this company was. 6 months showed me they are nothing more than 65 MPH JB Hunt trucks. The benefits are ok, but the pay and miles are terrible. Not to mention they stuck their trucks into the most God-Awful places to get backhauls out of, in addition to trying to pressure drivers to go to Canada. Sorry HL, I work for a real outfit now that actaully takes care of me. You and your stupid Quallcom can no longer afford me.
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  7. JustSonny

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    Oct 22, 2009
    Troutman NC
    And that real outfit is......?
  8. veteran_rookie

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    Jan 24, 2010
    Forest Lake, MN
    Let's just say there's some still some good opportunities for those of us who have good driving records and more than a few years of some experience under our belts. I drive belly dump/end dump for a guy part time and when they get slow I haul produce for another company or take time off if my little heart desires. Both are small companies with under 50 trucks that take care of their drivers, with no idle restrictions, no Quallcomm, and hey, some of the the trucks may be old but at least they can do or exceed the speed limit. I do not want to name names due to the fact that people have called before harassing at least one of them (an insider for JB Hunt I would imagine), trying to find out who is telling the truth about their dirtbag outfit on the internet. But these were my first posts, on THIS forum.

    "And that real outfit is......?" ....not Halvor Lines or JB hunt anymore, thank God for that...
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  9. guardbear

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    Jan 31, 2010
    Barnum, MN
    halvor has ran downhill and faster than their trucks can go. kreilkamp sound like it cause they actually work with halvor in some way. i picked up a kohls load in wi and they had to check me in thru kreilkamps system somehow. i left halvor cause i was only getting #### short runs and it was vans when i was supposed to be a flatbed driver. they relied to heavy on only one place for their outbound flats and it crashed. halvor thinks they are to good to take some frieght and it forces the drivers to suffer by sitting and waiting. halvor is also afraid to send their drivers far from the yard empty to get a load to run out with. they are looking down their noses to much and they cant see they are running straight towards the ground. smaller trucks, sitting to long, no toll roads, favoratisms, idle times, dumb routing and fueling assignments, its all pointing down hill and they dont want to admit it. their van dispatch is horrible, playing favs to brown nosing drivers, the dispatchers dont communicate with eachother on anything. im already hearing rumors that charter films is gonna drop them cause they are brokering #### out and its not working out. kinda funny they can broker their loads out and they cant keep their own drivers running descent miles. im just glad i ran from them when i did.
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  10. diesel_weasel

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    Oct 6, 2008
    Rochester, MN
    You made the right choice by quitting. One of my friends recently quit and told me your story pretty much word for word.

    From what I can see here I'm glad that i ran when I did. When I quit they acted like I was crazy. But for the first time in a long time my annual income actually went way up. Looks like things there at HL keep gettting uglier and uglier. Now they want to get picky with toll roads? Smart, real smart HL. And brokering out loads from Superior while your drivers sit next to jobless, that's a really nice touch too. What goes around comes around

    Van dispatch was indeed on the verge of terrible when i quit. Lack of communication, favoritism, and a love affair with trying to send drivers to Canada. Also a carefree attitude for forcing drivers to sit without freight for days on end. There are indeed many brown nosers who swindle freight away from the drivers who actually work hard and deserve to run. Some of their owner operators will try to cut off company drivers and unload reload first if there's more than one HL truck at the same place.

    Yeah, the whole crew of drivers and office staff seems to be living in some cloud of false bliss that things are not that bad at HL, and things are more rotten everywhere else.

    When this outfit finally crumbles, I hope they have enough integrity to shut down the moral and ethical way and not do what Arrow did.
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