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    I am sorry I didn't see your questions earlier. I am still with HT. I will gross this year 65 000, working 4 days a week. Pay scale is now $18.10 for new drivers, $22.45 after 3 years. Raises are every 9 months, usually about $1,-. No union, no overtime. My rate is $20.45, however my actual rate is $24,84, because of my 122% efficiency. I worked average 45,5 hrs per week, but was paid for 56 hrs per week. My salary for an actual job I do this year will be 55K, another 10K I made was for safety bonuses and performance bonuses (HT shares its revenue with all associates).
    I usually work "layover shifts", going to stores which are far away. On average I stay one night per week in motel (or, to be precise, one day. I have to drive at night, sleep during day hours). If I wish I could take additional days, however I never do.

    Merger with Kroger didn't change much. If any - for better. We are still HT, we operate as an independent division, however we are backed up by second larger retailer in the USA. Now we have enough resources to faith Publix and even Wal-Mart. Being part of Kroger gives us power to buy cheaper and sell for less, sustaining what made us great in the first place - best service and quality of the goods we sell - and that is always good thing for the future of all of us.

    HT still hires new drivers. They are growing, opening new stores and some driver retires every year.

    And for me - it is the best job I ever had in my life.
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    Jun 28, 2014
    Charlotte, NC
    Does anyone know if HT runs manual or automatic transmissions? I'm almost positive that they use e-logs but I'd like to know if the new trucks they're running are manual or automatic. If anyone has any information on this please let me know. Thanks in advance folks.
  4. Lwood53

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    Aug 5, 2014
    Do HT still require 5 years of experience
  5. Driver0000

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    Jun 26, 2016
    All I know is that the truck I just bought was a Harris teeter fleet Volvo. 5 years old, 900,000 miles and drives great.
    Knock on my head
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    Oct 10, 2018
    Do you still work for Harris Teeter, and what location?
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    Aug 25, 2013
    I worked for HT - Indian Trail many years ago, as a casual. Didn't last long LOL!!! I lived in the Charlotte area at the time - it helps to understand the area demographics.

    Charlotte is a democrat - liberal - 'diversity and inclusion' - sanctuary city packed full of northern - northeastern liberals. Harris Teeter is their store of choice for both employment and shopping too. I rarely shopped there as I found the employees rude, challenging, along with the high prices without the selection to match - strange. Same situation at the Indian Trail DC apparently.

    Had been driving for decades but this was my first (and last) grocery DC job. First day: dispatcher (black guy from Philly) deliberately gives me the wrong printed directions to my first stop of the morning, many miles from where it was supposed to go. I finally arrive at the correct store, only to be greeted by a 'mobster' directly from the set of the Sopranos. He puts on a big show and I realize that I've been set up. I start carrying my sidearm the following day.

    It didn't get any better. Arrive at a store and no one would open the door, despite obvious conversation being heard. Calling ahead didn't improve things, only made them worse. Was reprimanded for using 'trucking by permit only' routes I had used for years without a problem. Received an email that I was no longer needed due to 'multiple recurring issues', the final being 'you were clocked at 65 in a 45' - actually I was doing 55 in a 45, moving with the flow of traffic, heading back to the DC with an empty trailer.

    What a relief! I still don't shop Harris Teeter and can't recommend the firm for either shopping or employment. I'll be retiring in the next year or so - many memories. Don't avoid HT because of me as your experience may be very different than mine. I think it helps if you are a Northerner transplant who looks down upon Southerners, and there are many.
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