Have I lost touch with this industry?

Discussion in 'Car Hauler and Auto Carrier Trucking Forum' started by KANSAS TRANSIT, Apr 28, 2015.


    KANSAS TRANSIT Road Train Member

    Jul 28, 2011
    After years and years of virtually no driver turn over I find our small 9 truck fleet down three drivers with a fourth retiring in August, so far not much luck finding replacements.

    Since all the newbies come here to ask how to get into autohaul I figured I would just come out and ask, what are you guys/gals (actually prefer gals they are better with the paperwork) Looking for or expect to get paid for running an over the road 3/4 trailer newer trucks, new trailers.

    Really trying to see if it is a wage issue or a time out issue, I suspect time out but would be interested in the comments.

    Thx Stan
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  3. joseph1135

    joseph1135 Papa Murphy

    Nov 8, 2009
    The Highway To Hell.
    I expect a brand new truck. Fully loaded. At least .50 a mile, and I don't do appointment times. I get there when I get there. And don't expect me to work real hard. I'm delicate. Plus I refuse to do a hair test. And can you advance me pay before I start? Alcohol in the truck is ok too, right? And I'm sure you won't mind if I bring my brainless girlfriend and her 700 pound piss machine with.
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  4. EHB

    EHB Medium Load Member

    Apr 26, 2011
    NO you have no lost touch with the industry at all.

    The trucking industry has lost touch with the driver and it's self many years ago.

    The industry keeps putting people in charge of the trucking industry that have no idea what the trucking industry is all about and they no idea what a glad hand is or the difference between an automatic or standard transmission.

    I have seen many companies out there hire people to be management of their company in incharge of the transportation equipment (example class 1 tractor trailer, or class 3 dump truck)
    And yet they do not have a licence to drive it or any knowledge of how it even works.

    This is what's wrong with the industry and it's why drivers are giving up trucking all together.

    To many idiots in charge that have no clue what they are doing.

    Have some one from HR who only has a class 5 licence can tell you,
    that you can not drive for them and you have class 1 and other licences to boot.

    A manager phones you on the road and asks you when and how long are you going to be because he needs that automatic transmission truck for another delivery A.S.A.P.
    You look down at the standard shift on the floor and ask when did this became an automatic.
    The look of confusion on the managers face on the other end of the phone must be priceless.
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  5. rbrtwbstr

    rbrtwbstr Road Train Member

    Jul 11, 2012
    in the bush somewhere
    Yes, you have lost touch with the industry. But not to worry, anyone who's been out here more than a year has lost touch as well...join the club, the water is warm!

    While I nothing of the car hauling business, I've been driving 14 years now ( still a newbie), and it flat out disgusts me to read some of the posts on here and see what happpens on the road.

    I believe your issue may not be limited to just your operation. It's my belief that after the economy crashed in 2008, and left many unemployed, suddenly everyone who ever had a thought of driving truck for a living crawled out of the woodwork. Can't really blame them, as there weren't too many other options. But they have little idea what they're getting themselves into. Hence the dumb questions and demands that Joe pointed out. Sadly, I can't see it getting better anytime soon.

    How long are your drivers expected to stay out? Keeping them out for extended periods will definitely weed a bunch out. But that's a good thing, it eliminates the wannabes. Are you paying higher than your competition? If Joe Shmoe pays more than you, doing the same work, Sith better benefits, why should I work for you?
    That saying, 'Kids these days', well, there's something to it. Many have no clue what loyalty is. If they have a decent job, with all the potential in the world to advance, but Joe Shmoe pays better instantly, well, the kid will jump ship. No loyalty....

    I'm not trying to attack you or your company, and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. But, when the way you were doing your hiring isn't working, maybe it's time to look at it from a different angle. Best of luck to you!
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    KANSAS TRANSIT Road Train Member

    Jul 28, 2011

    Appreciate the comeback, and that was the reason for the post trying to figure out if IT am doing something wrong. Keep in mind we are sort of our own little ninche here so it is hard to compare us to other companies, IOW we are only running a 3/4 car setup so do we pay as much as a company that is running a 10 car stinger? Of course not but I'M do believe for what we do we have as nice of equipment as anyone and my guys are routinly in the 1500.00 a week range.

    However I DO see your point about the change in the industry since 2008 and to be honest I think that is what I am running into we always had guys that just enjoyed driving and that is who is retiring and I think it is hard to find that type of person anymore.

    Let's face it long haul has always meant you were away from home for extented periods of time, unfortunately that is how we are geared and I don't care how much you pay a person if they are just in it for the money, and really don't like to drive, they will not last long.

    Guess I was loking for some kind of industry standard, I hear guys complain all the time they are only making 800.00 a week, we are allmost twice that, so IT would think people should be beating down my door, this is an easy job.

    Maybe it's the hauling cars part that scares some? I'm just not sure that's why I Asked.

    Sorry about the typing, big fingers and a small tablet do not make you look intelligent.
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  7. cnsper

    cnsper Road Train Member

    Feb 28, 2014
    It's that dreaded 4 letter "W" word. It seems like people would use you as a stepping stone to larger car hauling companies or trucks. If I did not love what I do with flatbed and RGN then I would jump at the chance to drive one of your trucks. The other problem may be time away from home. Do you have certain areas that you run through all the time? If so is there a school near there? Maybe you can recruit from the school?
  8. xlsdraw

    xlsdraw Road Train Member

    Nov 17, 2010
    Winter Haven, Florida
    Can you post a picture of your equipment? I haven't looked into car hauling but it would appear that the day-to-day life differences would be significant from most OTR jobs with sleeper trucks. Can you give a thorough breakdown of a typical day? I'm guessing it starts and ends with a motel.
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  9. wore out

    wore out Numbered Classic

    Jun 5, 2013
    Been a long time since I heard the old school phrase appreciate the comeback. Goes to show trucking isn't dead yet. Some if us can still relate to each other. Relate to our replacements is another story

    KANSAS TRANSIT Road Train Member

    Jul 28, 2011

    Nah, no motel cascadias with 60" sleepers, I'll try and get some pics up tom. Be back in the office on the road right now.
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  11. fortycalglock

    fortycalglock Road Train Member

    Jun 25, 2011
    Tourist Town, FL
    Is it a local labor situation? I've seen your trucks and that has to be the easiest car hauling out there. Throw some wheel straps on a couple vans and roll. I would think that would be very appealing to a flatbed driver used to throwing 8' tarps. Securing a vehicle on your trailers isn't very different than securing something on a flat or step. That might be where you want to look.
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