Have you ever gotten a ticket for bypassing a Wyoming Port of Entry?

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    Years ago I was going into Wy from Id on 30. It was winter time, there was a blizzard going on. There were two trucks and we were hauling some expedited freight from Portland Dallas. The other truck had never ran the NW before so I was taking the lead.

    We get to the Kemmerer POE it was open and there must have been 15 trucks in the lot. So I park, sit there looking at cold wind blowing the snow around and think to myself "I don't have time to waste getting out in the cold and standing in line"

    I just put the truck in gear and pulled out. Looked in my mirror, the other hand is following me. About a mile down the road he gets on the radio and say's "we were supposed to go in weren't we."

    Us old hands got great memories.
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    That's kind of been my idea, when in doubt, stop, it beats the hell out of a black and white chasing me down and leading me back to the scale
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