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Discussion in 'Dart' started by Tip, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Jun 26, 2006
    Nashville, Georgia
    i have worked for several big companies, schneider, heartland and crete as well as a few small local. i have been with dart for 8 months, truck is nice... paid when i want,not much b/s. overall a good company. if you think you can just fuel and drive then you probably wont do well. i have a xl spread sheet that i made. it keeps up with every penny. i check the fuel prices on darts website and by the cheapest fuel. i only drive 61 mph. i have ooida insurance, lots cheaper. i honestly have .10 a mile maintenance as well as .15 a mile secondary maintanence deduction an deposit atleast 1000.oo in checking account each week, after deductions. you can use secondary for anything but maintanence only for truck. you have to work smart and pay attention but dart is by far the best i have worked for in my short 6 year career. as for highway sales, my truck needed a lot of work when i got it and they paid for it all, no problem. i know watch the back end, i am not stupid...
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    Feb 28, 2008
    I have been accepted bydart for the 0/0 side. how much hometime do you get? how is their fsc? i am guessing that you are a o/o with own authority? how much do you have break HOS to make money? thanks
  4. mcoldwell

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    Aug 8, 2012
    I am coming to dart on the memphis mainstream account does anyone have any insitght o. This
  5. truckinfast

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    Nov 13, 2011
    Thanks, Can we get an update?
  6. luvtotruck

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    Jul 30, 2013
    Phoenix Arizona
    Chirp Chirp! Anyone have anything here? Thanks.
  7. evilkanibal

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    Oct 10, 2013
    I am about to lease a 2014 Cascadia from HS Dart, I have gotten logical concise and clear answers to all questions asked, or the proper referral to the right person, usually within hours. Im a little weary of this "paid after every trip" concept, but it's just a new budgeting strategy that's all. I ran for JB for a while, owned my own truck which I purchased with the money I had made and saved at another company with a LEASED unit. while at JB I made it to the top two percent of the fleet earnings within two months of being there. a lot of the other O/Os there made the move to Dart and were happy. A truck lease isn't like owning your unit, there are higher costs and logically less profit. Running a truck is a BUSINESS, if you do not have that mindset then it will spell your doom. Driving a truck and running your own unit are night and day.

    Some of these posts make no sense, if they only run you enough to pay for the truck and the deductions come out before you get paid how are you falling behind? I see the "no miles" ##### about every company, it also goes with no home time kind of contradictory ain't it? no advances, you get paid ever two days you can't keep money in your pocket for a day? I see guys sit there an idle a truck for a weekend, the average truck burns a gallon an hour, so if you idle for 10 hours you just cost yourself $40 IF YOU IDLE EVERY NIGHT TEN HOURS YOU JUST COST YOURSELF $280 A WEEK OR $1100 A MONTH! Being an owner operator, takes a lot more sacrifice than being a company driver. I have never not made money trucking. in four years when my unit is paid off I can add roughly $2k to my bottom line, by taking evey opportunity with the warranty and over maintaining my unit I can expect it to run trouble free for at least 6 years after that. it's a truck, a business, keep it simple, keep it smart.
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