Having just started and leaving orientation let me give you a slightly

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    partial review.

    They will put you in a room, often with two beds although its not shared by any one but you @ fair bridge hotel. The rooms are semi clean however the bedding appeared to be fresh and clean, over all its something that would have been a really nice place in the mid 1990s.

    Breakfast: Over all I would give this a solid 7-8 depending on what you are used to. French toast, fresh waffles, scrambled eggs, #### on a shingle, cold cereal, milk, juice, fake milk for the hipster vegans, canned fruit, tortillas, ham, potatoes ( Mexican breakfast grub selections ) oatmeal, peanut butter, jelly, bagels, toast, cream cheese... That's every morning.

    There's a pool and #### work out room and basic cable in the rooms. Warning, don't drink the coffee in the rooms, its real bad. They provide 24-7 coffee in the dining area , drink that stuff instead.

    Orientation @ their facility.
    You will go to orientation at 630 AM where they will take you to the drivers lounge, introduce themselves and then head off to the class room. There you will be given an assigned seat, a lap top for various tests and stuff and an order form. Better get used to subway sandwich's because you will be eating them every day you are there. ( you can not order anything on your own ) only subway or vender machine.

    First things first, you will be given a piss in a cup test. The lady who does it is a nice lady as long as you are straight with her and don't give her any crap. Generally there are about 20-30 other guys waiting to pee that she has to deal with. Warning: Do not flirt or make jokes about it, you will be admonished.

    it is a simple piss test, no hair or spit test. Door is closed, I suggest unless you plan to sneak piss thru the air port or take it with you on the buss , don't bother coming dirty. There was no thermo check on the cup but that could change.

    There will be plenty of videos, if you fall asleep you will be yelled at. There is also a driver test where you will drive an older truck, generally a flatbed. They will go over health plans later in the day, generally on or around lunch. You will be able to enroll or not enroll. Their health plans bundle dental and health, no vision beyond an eye test. Its affordable yet offers not a lot but something. Very easy to select the plan and very clear cut and dry as to what you are enrolling in. The lady who talks about it is very nice.

    Later on you will go to take your physical test, be sure to bring your long forms ### no matter how long your card is good for, you will be taking the test all over again and getting a new one. IF YOU QUIT within a certain amount of time, you will PAY for that test out of your check...

    They do TWIC card at the facility and train for other stuff like haz, tarping, straping ( if you are in the flatbed division ) I was not, I had applied to TWT which is reefer side.

    This is where I will stop, to go further as to what goes on would be a lie as to I left after the events described above ( well right before the physical testing part )

    PROS: Pick whatever you want from up above
    They will not leave you stranded, I left orientation after mutual understanding that it was not a good fit , see below, I was given a taxi, hotel for the night and a plane ticket. So in that sense they were top notch professional.

    CONS: Dispatchers are not former drivers nor are allowed to be former drivers as per orientation director. This makes communication and understanding of drivers needs very difficult when dealing with a 20 something year old and their 2 year community college business degree.

    You are never allowed to wear shorts. That's right, I got that straight from the head guy at orientation. I quote " You represent this company and as such we want to make sure this company has a good image. Shorts are never allowed unless you are in the truck and off duty or outside of the truck and off duty.

    Pets: Service animals are not allowed. If you need a service animal than you are not safe to drive. PTSD could still suffer an episode and as such are a danger on the road, seeing eye dogs ( for obvious reasons ) etc. Therapy animals etc not allowed.

    Notes: While I can see their point about animals ( as many drivers have ruined it for the industry ) I just don't understand about shorts. Yes, there are drivers who wear sloppy shorts, flip flops and look like #### but to say that you can never wear them while in the truck unless off duty is just insane. I specifically asked about while the driver is in the truck driving as I fully understand ( although it was never an issue ) why a company would want pants at shipper-receiver and at terminals. I was prepared to do that but while driving just did it for me.
    I got a plane ticket back home and will be checking at Haney, Market Transport and a few other companies that are more flexible.

    Lastly, if you do not have pets, love wearing pants and don't mind having 20 something liberals with 2 year business degrees telling you what to do and micro managing you ( dispatcher-driver manager one in the same ) this this company is for you. 30 year vet who tested me stated the 20 something year old statement, also several dispatchers I saw and spoke to during orientation fit his description of them.
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    Interesting , what company would this be? TWT does not ring a bell
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    TWT Refrigerated Service. Probably pretty good for teams; they pay .60 cpm split.
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    CRST now has a lawsuit against them for not allowing a person to hire on with a service dog, so this may change with all companies in the future.
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    A driver having a seeing eye dog? That would throw DOT for a loop. :rolleyes:
    Seriously.... appreciate the post. Had my fill of young smarter than you idiots.
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    I was with System 2 years ago out of the Denver office. They had 3 dispatchers. Two of which were former drivers. One was definitely a super trucker and could do everything better than everyone. The other was pretty chill. I was with the college boy. I got along with him pretty well. I wonder what else has changed since I went through orientation.
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    I have been driving with System for a couple of weeks now. My DM is a former driver, nowhere near 20 years old, and I doubt if she's a liberal, although we haven't discussed politics.
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