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  1. jamessmith09

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    Mar 9, 2010
    Hi there my husband is a diesel mechanic and he is having troubles so I came here for help. He is trying to fix the jake brake and its not working on a 2000 peterbilt c15 cat. He has a new clutch switch , wire harness is good, new jake brake solenoid, new male plug on head harness, checked wires with ohms meter and was good, and after today putting on the plug on the head harness they wouldnt work then when moving the truck with higher rpms they kicked on then shut off. Sounded like 2 solenoids kicked in and not the 3rd one any help?
  2. Turbo45

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    Nov 16, 2009
    has he taken the valve covers off while running the engine ?
    while the engine is idling push down on the little button in the center of the solenoid and watch for oil leaks
    compare the three heads against eachother
  3. CAT700

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    Feb 2, 2010
    Hopkins MI.
    Hey there :
    Just had the exact same problem.
    Pull th evalve covers one more time. You have one {1} loose wire . It is at the spade. Find it , squeese it tighter and push it back on.
    Mine was on the back one. hardest to reach.
    CATs are famous for this. If one at the front or back is not connected right it will cut out at about 1300 RPMS or higher. Under that it may work.
    If you find one spade that even wiggles a little it is the one.

    Let me know if it works.
    I have some other tricks I can tell you about to get high MPG and all the power you can handle from that C-15 and not hurt that engine.

    Mine is awsome. Just under 700 HP and I have done 8.875 MPG. And it is now the most powerfull rig I have ever dreamed of driving. No more down shifting on the hills. :biggrin_255:
  4. RoughHouse

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    Mar 3, 2010
    Dallas, Texas
    By all means, share your wisdom here or send me a PM with the details. Even a mere 7.0 mpg sounds good to me. I have a 2004 Pete C 15
  5. CAT700

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    Feb 2, 2010
    Hopkins MI.
    Hey There.
    Mine is also a 2004. The 04s are for the most part Pre-emmission engines.
    Bridge engines. A modified C-15 will actually manytimes out perform the larger engines.
    #1 the timing on all C-15s has been retatded. Fix ? Advance it.
    The EMC on that motor will not allow that. I bought a USED ECM off of a 600HP 6NZ 3406E.. This is what you are looking for.
    Note > Becarefull of all the stories of Marine settings.. NOT there... This is not on the ECM for truck engines. {Straight from CAT, Not ME. }
    #2 Have CAT set that ECM at "Wide Open Parameters" this will put full fule to the injecters. If you hog on it the fuel will go backwards and MPG will suffer. Be nice to the peddle and you will see an increase on the first trip. A huge increase.
    #3 There is a small by pass line that needs to be hooked up at the Turbo. they will know all about it.
    Note > My truck went from 5.2>5.7 Mpg to 7.75 on the first trip. All the power it could handle.

    Note #2 > Your tranny will handle it if you drive it right. Pound on it and you wil drop a drive line or worse.

    Note #3 . She will now blow Black smoke like they used to.

    Next... This also very important. That CAT needs Zero backpreasure .
    I bought 2 Pittsburg Power mufflers and they cost me right at $300.00 even. These are straight through mufflers. A little louder but not bad at all. You will get instant throttle response.. I went to 8.875 MPG on the next trip out. Flat roads , light loads and ran at 67 to 68 MPH.

    Keep a very clean Air filter in that truck. It now needs it. You will know when she is getting dirty.

    The Turbo 3000 is not recommended by CAT. That thing injects AIR into the fuel. That eats those injecters up faster.
    F.A.S.S. makes a fuel system that will add power and MPG. Up to 30 HP.
    It takes the AIR OUT of th efuel does just the oposite of the Turbo 3000.

    One finall thing. the last mod that you can do without going over the top money wise.
    A 3046E cam will further advance the timing and allow you to drop RPMs and not lug the engine.
    My plan is to drop in different rears that will lower my RPMS and let me run at the same highway speed at lower RPMS.

    Power ? You will feel the power. My truck will shudder hard if I get on it to hard. Back off.
    You will not know if you have 8,000 or 80,000 she will pull the same.
    Lugging over big hills will heat up the main shaft in the tranny and it will get Hot fast. Drop a gear for that reason , but , That engine will hold it where ever you set it.
    That Cam will run you around $3,000.00 ... Good time to have a new gasket put in under that bridge , They almost all leak.

    All of this work done and said for I have right at $1,500.00 into it. Way less than a power box which will likely POP a head.

    CAT in Grand Rapids MIchigan is very good at this.
    Good Luck...
    Mine is estimated at just under 700 HP. :biggrin_25520:
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  6. underpsi

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    Sep 18, 2008
    Toronto, Ont
    No such thing as a factory 600hp 6NZ... the 600hp C16 is 7CZ and the 600hp 3406E is a 5DS
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  7. CAT700

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    Feb 2, 2010
    Hopkins MI.
    Hey :
    While I might have some small things such as numbers wrong ,Cat has 2 600 HP engines. In the 3406E Ser. # 1MM and the 5DS,
    The C-15 comes from 435 HP to 625 HP. 15.2 L {928 CUBE}

    So If I am a number off the idea remains.
    No matter CAT will know which one he needs. :biggrin_25520:
  8. DDS

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    May 20, 2008
    If a Cat dealer is flashing C15 engines to 600hp files, It will lose its dealership and get a heavy EPA fine, I would be surprised if any dealer would allow this......
  9. CAT700

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    Feb 2, 2010
    Hopkins MI.
    Well Now ya did it.

    No more info here.
    As long as we have people like this wandering around, I don't need your wisdom.

    What is done on a privately owned truck is somewhat different then what can be done on a fleet or driver driven rig.

    No warranty and not in CATs computer system.
    So if you still must shed your wisdom , maybe you can find someone that really needs it.
    Thank You . :biggrin_2551:
  10. black_dog106

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    Mar 29, 2009
    Another thread with a happy ending......:biggrin_2553:
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