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    Mar 29, 2008
    Funny story my buddy called them on a load several weeks ago and got a fantastic rate on a load, really good rate.. But the lady put him on hold and he could here another agent in the background loudly say "I got the such and such load covered" to cheers, lol... It was the load my buddy had just got a verbal on and obviously he was on hold for really no good reason for about 5 minutes while they hoped and prayed someone would call in and offer cheaper, she comes back on the phone, sorry that one cancelled LoL.. We have booked so many loads through various LS agencies, typical with most of them, from that verbal you have the rate confimation within minutes and we have never had one cut a load out from under us like that before.. Heck there are few we know well enough that you can run to a shipper without the actual confirm.. I mean that one situation is the stuff of CHR, TQL legend not LS lol..
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