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    How do you "know" when you need to replace mufflers. I have an '04 Classic and I'm thinking I may need them. I hear a lot of engine noise, turbo whistle etc. but very little if any exhaust sound. Also, the turbo seems to be struggling at highway speeds occassionally (It is a relatively new turbo). My truck has 723,000 miles and I really don't know if the mufflers have ever been changed.
    Any advice is appreciated.
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    Nov 29, 2007
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    Any truck will benefit from a muffler upgrade, especially with the mileage you have. I changed out mine at 650,000 and it made a big difference on my C15 Cat. When I went to buy the 100463 (Pittsburgh Power) at Truck Pro they didn't have it. Since I already took the exhaust apart I had to put something on. I looked inside the 100465 and it looked like a good flowing muffler except for the bottom baffle. I took an air grinder and cut the bottom baffle out. Amazingly there is almost no noise increase except for when on the the Jake. Truck runs much better and I picked up 3/10ths.
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    Thanks, I should pick up a couple and put them on when I get the chance.
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    Jan 18, 2009
    :biggrin_2556:i have a isx 06 cummins egr i read the manual that it is not good if u put a straight muffler because the egr valve it doesnt work well and it uses power it has to have a backpressure so the vgt so it will work good .this is true?:biggrin_25523: guys
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    Has anybody used or heard about Riker mufflers? I bought my 98' 379 Pete 3 years ago with that one installed under the truck and straight pipes on sides. I do not have any complains just want to know if other people used them and their opinion.
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    the donaldson m1000463 is this one straight flow, or does it have any restrictions in it ?
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    The M100463 is straight thru.....you can look right thru end to end like a glasspack. The muffler has a reverse cone shape in there to damper some sound waves but is open up the middle end to end. It has a nice deep throaty sound to it with no "drone" going down the highway like straights. Nice upgrade.
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    Dec 23, 2009
    just ordered the donaldson today from ryder. 95.00 sh included
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    May be, but you could just sidestep the issue and unplug the EGR valve like I did to my '06 ISX. Did it over 100K miles ago with an average mpg increase of .8 mpg. Engine runs cooler and oil samples considerably improved with lower wear metal counts and, logically, less soot in oil and out the stacks. I removed the underbelly OEM muffler and went to a resonator. Don't do California, so I have no concerns with that.

    Even if you don't do what I did, there are a number of performance shops that are recommending going with a low restriction muffler, even on the ISX. Have never heard directly of anyone having any problems by putting one on. Several O/O with the company I am leased to have put on high flow mufflers and have not expressed any problem.
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