High power diesels and drive trains

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    OOH I love this engineering this early in the morning to go with the coffee. Hot diggity, this stuff is MOTIVATING.

    **Tosses sandbox and associated playthings. Where do I sign up lol.
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    1850 torq x 14.40 ( low gear on an 18spd) 26640 to the rears. X 4.33= 115351 to be divided up by the wheel ends. Which makes it easy to understand why you break an axle if you let in spin then give it traction. All the power goes to that axle.
    Also gives the reason why a single axle and high hp don't mix.
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    Feb 6, 2016
    This reminds me of the drag racing semi's in Canada. I also had a dodge with a 6speed with a twin turbo cummins putting down 475hp with 975 ft pounds of torque. Made hundreds of passes at the drag strip with 4x4 launches and dozens of sled pulls. And even with lots of heavy towing and when I traded it in with 225,000 miles on it it had all original drive train components except the clutch. Things can take quite a bit of abuse.
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    I worked with a guy who used to race and build trucks for that. Said the only real driveline modifications were they would modify the clutches to fit a 3" input shaft. Drivelines and rears for the most part were just heavy spec axles.
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    Can you change the input shaft on a 1850/18 speed to install a 2250 eaton clutch..?

    I know the splines are different between the 2250 and 1850 you can't just slap the clutch in.....

    It's got a 2050 in it now.... and I don't want a lipe....
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    Yes you can just install the 2250 fine spline input shaft but ive been told by more than one person that the friction material used on the 2250 clutch is different and doesnt hold as well as the 2050 clutch. their may be something im forgetting aswell.
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