Horrible crash in Lakewood CO, I70 closed both directions. 12 vehicles 4 semi huge fire

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by Expeditor, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. HopperHauler

    HopperHauler Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    Jan 22, 2011
    New Rockford, ND
    I think that's his load of sticks scattered all over the place.
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  3. mjd4277

    mjd4277 Road Train Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    Investigators weren’t able to get close to the scene until 10 pm,when the fire was put out. The accident occurred around 5 pm,that’s 5 long hours to put out that inferno. Even with charges the driver who caused the accident is facing they still don’t know how many people exactly were killed (which means they may find more victims).
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they do find more and chances are there are probably lawyers already swarming the accident scene and hospitals.
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  4. T.Rucker

    T.Rucker Medium Load Member

    Jul 31, 2015
    Here and there…

    Seeing him fly by in that video reminds me...

    I don’t know about this whole driver shortage thing, honestly I think we have plenty of drivers who have CDLs but we do have a shortage of qualified drivers, drivers who have respect for their equipment, size and load.

    Basically we have a shortage of good, skilled drivers. It doesn’t help with the mega’s and their driver mill mentality spewing out less and less qualified drivers who will run for pennies...
  5. mjd4277

    mjd4277 Road Train Member

    Oct 4, 2015
    Another thing to point out. Since this was an older model truck involved if it is found that mechanical failure was a contributing factor in the accident then that’s probably going to give Colorado an excuse to crack down on operators of older CMVs,especially from a maintenance standpoint.
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  6. Cattleman84

    Cattleman84 Road Train Member

    Nov 1, 2017
    The Sticks, Idaho
    Well this is so sad... I do believe this is all the drivers fault and should face charges... But in the CNN article it said that even if the truck had a mechanical problem charges would stick... That bothers me a little.

    Obviously in this scenario there were probably better options than running into stopped traffic, there's got to be a runaway ramp or ditch he could have put it into... But if he truly had a major mechanical failure, that was not due to his ignorance, I dont feel that charges would be justified... At least not capital charges.

    But as I said before... I think this driver screwed up and had many opportunities to not end up in a runaway situation to begin with, and probably a couple options of better places to crash it rather than into stopped traffic.
  7. lovesthedrive

    lovesthedrive Is here to help

    Nov 11, 2008
    Sorrento Maine
    That load of sticks is some ones load of 2x4 lumber.
  8. tucker

    tucker Road Train Member

    Jun 13, 2008
    At least the Mega trucking companies provide training.
    OOIDA cries and cries and lobbies our Government that new drivers need training, but they won’t train you.
    Truckers aren’t having enough kids to bring into the industry.
    What’s left?
    Hand Jeb the keys with zero training and hope he doesn’t kill anyone?
  9. D.Tibbitt

    D.Tibbitt Road Train Member

    Apr 26, 2013
    Gettin' down westbound
    Looked like a white volvo in video, my bad its a old freightliner
  10. Criminey Jade

    Criminey Jade Road Train Member

    Aug 16, 2013
    Not Colorado Anymore
    I hate to say it, but I think the mechanical failure rests with the driver's judgment. You get signs to gear down after the Chief Hosa exit. The 45 MPH limit goes away at the Morrison exit, but you still have a long slope from there past the C470 ramp (which is easy to see). He should've still been in control, if not up a few gears. Witnesses say he was hauling ### past the C470 ramp, so he either blew it off and let it roll or he was coming down on his foot. If he was burning up after exit 256, he should've been in the sand trap.

    Another thing about it got me thinking. Does anyone remember the I-70 flatbed lumber truck wreck in 09/06/2013 in which the company sent a driver down I-70 with no CDL? I Googled it. He wrecked near Georgetown. Didn't gear down, lost control and laid it over. I'm curious if it's the same company. If so, they are toast.
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