Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by AriGab, Feb 20, 2024.

  1. AriGab

    AriGab Bobtail Member

    Feb 3, 2023
    OK get out the popcorn lol. So I know no one likes Lone Mountain. If that is the only way I can go I have a few questions. They have 2019 international LT625 with ISX 15. Only 400 hp and no idea on torque. 300k + miles. It seems like it's in great shape. So if I want more power and torque can I beef it up or will the transmission not take it? How much more can I get? If not could I save up and drop a 565hp 1850tq in it? Or should I just wait until it doesn't go anymore and buy something new. Just thinking about not having payments.
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  3. lester

    lester Midwest's #1 Feed Hauler

    Jan 2, 2012
    NW, Iowa
    what transmission does it have??
    and it's possible it could be reprogrammed for higher HP but it depends on the CPL#. that tells what parts the engine has in it. some are low HP and some are higher
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  4. Ridgeline

    Ridgeline Road Train Member

    Dec 18, 2011
    you really don't know how to buy a truck?

    You first figure out what the ECM is setup as, have a full dump done on the ECM and talk to the cummins dealer with the serial number of the engine which you will get when you go to the international dealer with the VIN and ask for the original order printed out - this will give you the part numbers of the engine, trans, rear axles. You can also determine if the trans will handle it, most likely it will with no problem.
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  5. AriGab

    AriGab Bobtail Member

    Feb 3, 2023
    Eaton 10 speed Autoshift.
  6. AriGab

    AriGab Bobtail Member

    Feb 3, 2023
    Thank you so much for that.
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  7. FLHT

    FLHT Road Train Member

    Aug 2, 2014
    Does LM still have a notice under fiberglass resin on the drivers side inner fender.
    I saw one at the fuel lanes a few years ago.
    IT said if you want to get paid call this number Before you do anything ..
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  8. 201

    201 Road Train Member

    Apr 16, 2014
    high plains colorado
    Forgive ridgeline, they are one of our more outspoken chaps, all great advice, delivery a bit crude sometimes. Perhaps they are thinking you already bought the truck, but are actually asking advice before that. Good move. Today, 400hp is peanuts, typical of a fleet truck, and nothing less than 500 should be under the hood. Automatics suck up some hp, and while a 400 was good years ago with manuals, 500 should be the least. Now, what you want to do, is update an existing truck with more power. It's not the 80s, and that could be a major hassle. With so many trucks out there, just get the one you want, and get truckin'!!
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  9. bad-luck

    bad-luck Road Train Member

    Nov 16, 2013
    Baltimore, Maryland
    You buy a truck with the motor you want. Really bad idea to buy a truck and then save to put in the motor you want. You save for maintenance and for a overhaul.

    Get the vin, and call International, and get the engine serial number. Call Cummins, they should be able to tell you everything you want to know.
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  10. TripleSix

    TripleSix God of Roads

    Apr 10, 2009
    Copied in Hell
    He’s right. I made this mistake on mine. Factory setting was 475 with a big 13 (1850 torque). Had a 550 tune installed. EGTs ran too hot and I cooked the motor. Built the engine, bigger turbo, aftermarket exhaust manifold to drop the EGTs, switched to an 18 speed with 1850 torque, 650HP tune, custom clutch. Popped the intercooler, grenaded the transmission, and chunked the rears. Custom intercooler, big rad, RTLO22918B transmission. Digital pyrometer, axle temp gauges and transmission temp gauge.

    If you want anything over 550, that transmission had better read 20918B minimum. 475-550HP, you can get away with an 1850. Besides, that 400HP setup probably has a low torque transmission and 38k axles. Grenade.

    “But Six, I know a guy that ran a ______with a _____ and a ______ and he did just fine.”

    I was that guy. Grenade, grenade, grenade and grenade. Ran just fine…until it grenaded. So what are you really saving? Absolutely nothing. The primary reason I bought the truck was because it had a 2WS engine, had the sleeper I wanted and set up to run in northern Canada. If you don’t any specialized plans and just want a rig that performs strong and gets decent economy, buy a truck with the factory setup for a 515 Detroit and put all your money back for maintenance.
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  11. tarmadilo

    tarmadilo Road Train Member

    Dec 12, 2018
    Are you sure it’s an ISX and not an X-15? Our 2019 International LT trucks all came with the X-15.
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