Hours of Service: Can I Go Over 14 Hours in the Company Yard?

Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by trucker3573, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Jan 24, 2011

    But since they are open to interpretation and not defined you SHOULD follow them. If it was cut and dried Personal Conveyance would mean the same thing in every state.
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    Sep 6, 2011
    Yeah but good luck proving it. I go over the 14 all the time, working in the yard. How can you prove I was driving on private property? I go to the time clock and toggle to "dock".

    On duty not driving.
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    Just had this arguement with one of are drivers . He hit had enough time to make it to the truck stop . 20 minutes of drive time . New York had a inspection going on in rest area . He gets stopped goes on duty cop shows 20 minute inspection shuts him down says he is in violation chz he's of his 14 hour . He's not inviolate can be on-duty for the inspection but can not drive out of rest area. So new York writes him up being over his 14 hr which is wrong cuz he can be on duty . But can't drive out of rest area .
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    OTR jobs are a dime a dozen.
    LTL jobs are more sought after and competition is keen fer
    same cause you get home all the time.
    So unless you wanna go back on the road fer weeks/months
    at a time I suggest you do what the boss man says.
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    Dec 27, 2011
    100% correct and we thank-you once again for the clarification
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    temple texas
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    So, could you then hook a farm tractor, or front loader... to 'PULL' the truck and trailer after I fuel at the yard to a parking spot after fueling. As we know we cannot 'DRIVE' the the truck after 14hrs.

    I see NO rule that says we cannot 'PULL' the truck/trailer with another offroad implement.

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    Oct 29, 2009
    Their argument is probably they've got control of the rest area and it's in use as an inspection station where nobody is just allowed to 'take' their inspection lanes while they're in use. As in, the only way for them to be happy was for him to violate his 14, which he can't. He should've told the officer immediately what his plan was and where he'd get to.

    My other guess is that the truck stop, legitimately, was further in realistic/legal driving time than the 20 minutes. If this was during their 65mph zone, 20 min might have been 23 miles, which would be a hair illegal.

    There's probably more to the story than 'big bad inspector wrote me a ticket'. Could the inspector be incompetent, sure.

    But, it still could've been argued. He should've demanded to speak to his superior.

    As for on-duty driving on private property. I was always taught time at a customer was Line 4. This includes hitting a dock, swapping trailers, driver assist, checking in, etc. When I trained with CR England, we were expected to show 30-min Line 4 minimum for each stop for all of that. Not once did any officer or logging dept person say hitting a dock (even off the street) was anything other than line 4.
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    can I work on the yard operating a loader after my 70 hour clock has ran out
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    New York wrote him up wrong. But as far as the inspection goes if he stays in the drivers seat during the inspection, as is normal, he is On Duty, Driving. Line 3 not line 4.
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