How do you book loads??!!! HELP PLEASE!

Discussion in 'CH Robinson' started by rty5zz, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Aug 28, 2013
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    Your in luck because I don't lie, i've been with Climate Express almost 9 years, we've went through a lot of changes, got rid of a lot of useless people, I love this company, i've been to quite a freq before I started with Climate.even drove for JB.Hunt for almost 10 yrs but climate will run you if the freight is there and you have the Hrs. Yes we still use log books, but we also have the aether system, you cannot cheat on your logs, they have to match the computer, it's called positioning,and if you keep trying to beat the system you will be terminated, Climate has the software for EORB's, just waiting for legal push. I believe drivers with 2 yrs experience starts at 34 or 35 com, 7 cents of that goes for perdium, Health ins is kinda high, but dental &vision not bad,also have 401k, I've been averaging abaout $55'000.00 a yr, if the freight is there and you have the hrs, you'll run, climate shows no favoritism, your dispatcher dispatches you, the load planners distribute them, but if you are a good driver, never late,no claims, or accidents they will use you when a new acct arises, i've been on a lot of them, more than likely you will get a automatic, I love mine, it does everything for you, except wipe your butt, trucks r governed at 65 on pedal & cruise, eventually will be turned up to 68, maintenance working on a idle program, some trucks have electronic apu but all the new ones have comfort pro,everyone treats you like family, Rob the safety manager is like a Frein
    d, but stay on his good side, we just recently moved into our new facility and the owner went all out,, that would be Tim Laske and Brian is his Brother, another nice person, Kenny Keene is 3rd in command, nice guy too,just try not to piss him off, because he will let you know if you screwed up, I think I've rambled on enough but I think the pay cap is 40 cpm, anyways I am bob and if you need any more info here's my number, and I'll answer honestly to you,(removed by moderator)
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    Dont listen to these yahoo's that criticize you...Many of them are just JELOUS because they are still shaking scared under the company umbrella.

    I have met many people who went on there own in the first 3 months and have built a huge business....You just keep on keeping on and you will learn just like i am learning...

    I have been at this a long time and just when i think i have all the answers another question appears..It is a life time learning curve and i myself am still learning..
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    Aug 28, 2013
    thanks everyone for feedback and the support! learning immensely!
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    Robinson is a huge company. You will deal with a plethora of different reps. Don't write the company off if you get one or two or ten bad reps. Find a good one and try to continue to work with them. This goes for any company, not just them. First off get setup with them and you will get a "T" number. Its like your ID number when you want to book a load. If you haven't done so already. Have that handy when you call. You look prepared that way rather than clueless and they will push you to the side. Before anything, you need to figure what rate the truck needs. Not what someone tells you. Then you can negotiate. Some lanes move quick and you don't have time to "think" about it and get back to them. Others are cheap and will sit for days.

    Also look in to other load boards. CH is big but they just have a portion of what is out there. Good luck.
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    What's wring with a newb pulling a tank that's where I got my start. If was the only company that would hire me. I have moved on and I was very appreciative of the opportunity.
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    It's almost impossible to know what to ask when you call to book a load if you have no idea what your cost per mile is to run the truck. You need to figure that out before you go anywhere, so spend a couple of hours on that first. I'll try to explain what I mean.

    Lets base your cost per mile on 2,000 miles per week, or 8,000 per month to start. Once you know what you're doing, you'll for sure average more miles than that, but there is a learning curve to this, and you'll probably be spending a good deal of time chasing leads to start. Here's a rough breakdown:

    You should divide all costs by 8,000 to get your monthly cost per mile
    1. Truck payment
    2. Insurance costs
    3. license costs
    4. Permit costs
    5. IRS 2290 cost divided by 12 and then by 8,000
    6. Your salary
    You need to figure out your housing and living expenses, as well as the amount needed for your personal expenses. This figure will be different for everyone. Only you know what it is. I'll figure it at $800/wk gross for these purposes. This will be your salary.
    7. Truck replacement cost. Remember, your truck is going to wear out. You will need to replace it. If you don't want to pay finance costs, you need to plan on this. I use .25/mi, but it's up to you. I'll leave it out of this schedule.
    8. Tire replacement cost.
    9. Preventative Maintenance cost
    These are your fixed expenses. There are more than this, but it will get you started until you adjust it later.

    Next is your fuel cost. It's best to figure it low rather than to over estimate your m.p.g. and not have enough to pay for it.

    Here is an example of what I'm saying so you'll have an idea of what I mean.

    Truck payment $1,200/mo divided by 8,000 mi= .15/mi
    Insurance 400/mo divided by 8,000 mi= .05/mi
    License cost $1650/year divided by 12 months divided by 8,000 mi=.02/mi
    2290 $550.00/yr divided by 12 divided by 8,000mi = .01/mi
    Salary before income tax $3200/mo divided by 8,000 mi = .40/mi
    Truck replacement cost (If you want to pay cash for your next truck, add this in also)
    Tire replacement $450 ea X 10 tires = $4500 divided by 150,000 mi = .03/mi
    Preventative Maintenance and repairs (I figure this at 18 c.p.m.) .18/mi

    So, your base cost per mile using this formula is .84/mi

    Add fuel to this. Be sure to figure low so you'll have enough money. I figure 5.5 mpg for budgeting purposes. So it will cost $5818 per mo. at $4/gallon for fuel, or .72/mi for fuel at 2,000 mi/wk.
    Add this fuel cost to your fixed cost of .84/ mi and you have a cost to run your truck of $1.56/mi.
    Obviously, I estimated the majority of the costs, and there are things I didn't put here, as this is for illustrative purposes only, but it's enough to show you what to look for in a load. You want to multiply your cost per mile by the total estimated miles of the load before you call about the load, so you know what you have to have for pulling the load.
    For example. a load from Dallas to Kansas City would be about 550 miles. You need to get $860 minimum for this load. Don't forget to negotiate lumpers, tolls, detention, etc; as well as any charges for "truck ordered, not used" in case the load cancels after you go to get it.
    If you take a couple of hours to figure this cost out, you can succeed. Of course, the more miles you run in a month, the lower cost per mile your fixed costs will be. You will also need to adjust this from time to time as costs change.
    I hope this helps you with deciding how to cost your business. Good luck with your venture.
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    A lot of newbies do not know this info.. they ask me if the rate I am getting for them is good or not.. :biggrin_2552: UM.. I get the best rates I can, I now the average.. and work from there but I tell everyone I deal with, my guys are running with an average cost of $1.50-$1.75 PM... and you want that load hauled for $1.20??!!! Seriously??!! Isn't going to happen. And you would be surprised when you tell Crooks and Hooks Robbers that you know this what they are willing to do to have their Cheap ##### freight hauled for. You can use them.. just have your T# ready and don't have any scars on your record with them. BUT seriously.. they are NOT the people to call for freight unless you are in Miami.. or.. Reno..or.. DC..

    For the Record.. CH has gone downhill in the last ten-fifteen years. 15 years ago it was a totally different story hauling for them.. now.. wouldn't recommend it. OOPSY DAISY.. am I going to get sued now??
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    ACCORDING TO OOIDA,CH is on the top of the list for not paying the Independent for the load hauled...OOIDA is on them like flys on ####..
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    AWESOME!!! Finally some redemption.. not that a co. like CH will be hurt by that though. At least it may take care of there payment issues.
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