How do you cover yourself legally?

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    Jul 8, 2019
    I'm getting ready to haul asphalt here in my city, and as usual the higher ups interviewing you just do the best job of stressing you out for what's to come. I have something on my record from VA back in 2019. Fender bender kind of incident, and I just paid to get out of it because I didn't have the money to pay $500 to get a Greyhound to VA for the court date, then all the lawyers fees. I just wanted out of it, so I took the easy way out. $150, and when I look at my MVR it's not under commercial, but I report it and I think these companies do take it into consideration.

    Looks like I'm getting this job and I'm starting 6AM tomorrow, so I'm gonna get some rest after this. The thing that got me though is they said, "If you get a ticket just call us up." I kind of felt like doing that means I'm going to be gossiped about in the office more than get any real help, because they also said, "I think this is for most companies, but if you get a ticket it's on YOU unless we know you didn't cause it. If you move 10 feet and DOT sees you didn't have your seat belt on, we've had guys get ticketed for that. We'll try to help you along though if something happens, just give us a call."

    So is it normal for these kinds of places to leave it to the driver and not defend him? When you're going to haul hazmat? When I was with another company for a bit last year, they offered to have us sign on with "US Legal" I think it was. Prime did jack of course.

    What's the deal?
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    The deal is they decide which ones to fight .. The reason being is your tickets are on their record which may affect contracts , insurance ,DOT harassment etc.
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    You are it.

    Ive been sue'd before. You get a good lawyer and that is usually the end of that. Especially if the plaintiff makes a number of errors. One in particular would like the court to award him almost 70K to pay off his home. Unfortunately for him (This is late 80's no computers then in those days, not very common at all) he went around to about 50 different pharmacies and piled up a mountain of narcotics on the same script or copies of same and a notary seal etc. My lawyer in the pretrial deposition had exposed him as such and HIS lawyer said he would be ###### to continue this particular problem and is dismissing it. IF the court got ahold of that, they would have prosecuted him and awarded me punitive damages for my time and losses going there. HA.... gotta pick your battles very carefully grasshopper.
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    My company offers prepaid legal for less than 20 a month that encompasses so much more than traffic tickets.
    Already used it for living wills and final will and testament.
    What We Offer - MetLife Legal Plans
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