How Do You Find A New Job?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by camaron32, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Thegasman

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    Dec 4, 2015
    I was just hired on @ Airgas. I originally found them through After I filled out all the info through indeeds website and then Airgas' I was contacted directly by an airgas hr person. Same thing happened when I applied for Air Products through indeed. I was contacted directly both times by each companies hr people.
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  3. Jazzy J

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    Nov 2, 2015
    What planet do you live on?
    Every Truckstop you have books filled with jobs.
    You need to figure out which company is best for your needs.
  4. crzyjarmans

    crzyjarmans Road Train Member

    Jun 9, 2010
    Google works well, a site called "" also sends you info on companies hiring
  5. Bob Dobalina

    Bob Dobalina Road Train Member

    Sep 20, 2015
    The "Buckeye"
    Are you looking to stay in the same field? Where do you live? Do you have all your endorsements?

    I noticed over the years that the worst companies advertised the most and gave out huge sign-on bonuses. And the best companies were hard to get on with and didn't need to recruit, because there was hardly any turnover and there were more drivers applying than they had positions for. I never had much use for job boards or Craigslist.

    I'd suggest looking into LTL.
  6. Tonythetruckerdude

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    Dec 8, 2012
    hunting...../ retired
    Camaron32 , try looking at newspapers , on line etc for companies that are actively seeking help , then make a list of them. Then get out , drive around and make a list of companies you see delivering , working , doing the type work you would like. Make another list of those. Then compare the 2 lists , the ones you see not actively seeking help , are the ones to start with. The really great jobs , the ones you can make a career of never recruit , never advertise , but they do hire. As you drive around , stop and try to strike a conversation up with drivers , they'll ususally be more than ready to help , also , the ones on the not actively seeking help list , if possible go see them , IN PERSON , no e-mailing , no phone calling , but a ftf , if possible. Doing that can open a closed door sometimes. It shows the willingness to make an effort personaly , instead of an impersonal e-mail or phone call. Good Luck.
  7. austinmike

    austinmike Road Train Member

    Jul 11, 2011
    Craigslist. It's like fishing. You throw your hook out and wait.
  8. TripleSix

    TripleSix God of Roads

    Apr 10, 2009
    Copied in Hell
    Years ago, I was working for a bottom end flatbed gig.picked up a JohnDeer oversized load. Had a question about the load as far as whether or not it was legal to run this load on a Sunday, being that farm implements were exempt from needing permits in Illinois. Back in those days, you couldn't run OSOWon Sunday in Illinois.

    I called the company. There was absolutely NOONE in the entire organization that could help me. Thousands and thousands of trucks and no one in the office could help me. I stopped at the Iowa 80, found a heavyhauler who was fueling up and asked him. He gets out a company folder with all the provision sheets of all the states and Canada and looks through Illinois.

    "Why doesn't my company provide a notebook with provision sheets?"

    I figured right then and there that if you want to play football, you go to a place with a good football program and try out. My company at the time was the equivalent of learning flag football. In a real game, I would just get KTFO if I don't go to a place that was serious. So I joined a real football team. They had a wait. Took me 6 months to get my foot in the door.

    Anyways, so you're a hazmatter. Is that what you want to do, or is that what you know? I would recommend that you find a gig that does what you want to do. Had a friend of mine that wanted to get into car hauling. He went from Stevens to a company that trained him to haul cars. But that's what he wanted to do. Once you get the driving down, you can find a company to train you.

    "How do you find them, Six?"

    Start in your frequent stomping grounds. When you go to big cities like Houston, you will find that there are your big chain truck stops and a bunch of mom and pops. Doorslammers pile into the Loves and Peelots like they're giving away viagra for free. Container jockeys will pick another stop. Car haulers will pick another. Tanker yankers will pick places closer to the refineries. When I was looking for permit info on an oversize, I went to the truckstop where I knew the OSOW crowd would be. You have to do the same thing.

    When I was pulling reefer, I drove for a small company that put me in a beefed up W9 and a stainless steel spread. Outlaw outfit with stupid fast trucks. We would run mainly between Chattanooga and Miami (that was a 10 hour drive in a largecar). All the outlaw rooster cruisers would all stop at Sheffields ("Where Jesus is Lord") It was 1 stop shopping. These guys would go in there and eat, get their food, shoot pool, get their CBs modified and get their dope. Point is, the rooster cruisers would all frequent the same place. You have to find the place where the guys that do the job you're wanting to do frequent. Talk to them, take note. It can really help getting your foot in the door of the better companies if you have a reference.

    Come to think of it, I actually got my first flatbed gig because I went to a truckstop where the drivers would frequent. I don't remember the name of the truckstop, but now, it's a Petro on I 59 to the south of Gadsden. Osborn Transportation is right up the street to the east. Drove my reefer in there and put in an application. Truck wasn't nowhere as fast as the rooster cruiser, but it was a flat top and an open deck trailer!!!!!!!! For the most part, they were steel haulers, but they had a fleet of OSOW guys. As outlaw as you could be, but they had them. They would build any trailer to haul any load. Of course, back in those days, everyone use to bootleg. Nowadays, it's suicide to bootleg OSOW.
  9. FuzzFace2

    FuzzFace2 Medium Load Member

    Jul 27, 2014
    Angier, N.C.
    Funny my job found me!
    The wife and I just moved in and the guy across the street saw my old cars in the garage and stopped to shoot the bull.
    He asked what I did for a job and if I had one. Told him I drive trailer trucks / tankers and have all endorsements but no job.
    Said he works for a trucking company and come see him when ready to start working.
    2 weeks later he stopped and said come see him the next day as they were looking for 50 drivers.
    The rest is history. Company does dump trailers (rock & sand for cement plants), hot liquid asphalt, bulk cement & fly ash (cement plants), LPG & butane (bulk & metered) so they can keep me busy year round (I hope). Only thing I have not moved yet is butane.
    Dave ----
  10. rockstar_nj

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    Apr 26, 2013
    Cape May Court House, NJ
    Look at a trailer, google the company, go to their application page.
  11. IronWeasel80

    IronWeasel80 Medium Load Member

    Sep 4, 2015
    Belen, NM
    In no particular order:

    • Monster
    • Careerbuilder
    • Indeed
    • Simplyhired
    • Company website
    • Craigslist
    • Local newspaper or online variant
    • JobsInTrucks
    I know people tend to bash on Craigslist, but 3 of my last 4 jobs (8 year span) have been sourced from Craigslist. They weren't ads for places like Job Bob's Trucking either. One was a large local construction company, another was a regional rental chain with 70+ stores, and the third was Pepsi....yes..that Pepsi. You have to realize that there is a fair amount of crap on CL, but if you know how to separate the junk ads from the legitimate ads then it's really not that difficult.

    I like Simplyhired and Indeed since they collect ads from other sources and compile them all into one place. The main downfall of that system is that it can take a day or two before job postings propagate out from the original source to Indeed and it also means that some ads are stale; I've found some that were 60+ days old.

    Next best option is to check out company websites directly since a lot of them will post jobs there first since they can do it for free versus having to pay for places like Monster.
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