How flatbed with Western Express ? How's the miles, pay, trucks, how often you get home ?

Discussion in 'Western Express' started by Starzevaloyal, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Starzevaloyal

    Starzevaloyal Bobtail Member

    Nov 23, 2017
    I'm thinking about going there, need as much positive feedback as possible.
  2. Gunner75

    Gunner75 Road Train Member

    Mar 17, 2014
    Jackson Center Ohio
    So yourself a favor and read the reviews here, you'll save yourself some time and a big fat I told you so from the forum.
  3. RedBeardedT

    RedBeardedT Bobtail Member

    Nov 8, 2017
    Only go with western if no one else will hire you, and only then for a few months to get experience and get the #### out.
    -Western Flatbed Driver doing just that.
    Pay starting out with no experience and school years ago, 32 CPM and 36 CPM after 90 days. I usually get $400 to $900 per week(with 32 cpm), or 1250 to 3000 miles per week. (may be better after the winter, since flatbed slows down).
    Good luck.
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