How Is Driving For Knight?

Discussion in 'Knight' started by movinalong, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. knighton5

    knighton5 Heavy Load Member

    Nov 19, 2006
    Rose City
    :biggrin_25523: Ive been with Knight for 3 years and dont have any complaints, other then its slow in January and Febuary every year!!! I run I-5 most of the time and miles are never a issue. So I guess if you live on the WEST COAST Knight may be ok for you. I also do alot of drop and hook at Walmarts, Targets and Ikea so waiting to be loaded or unloaded are rarely a problem. Good Luck to you!:yes2557:
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  3. trucker wannabe

    trucker wannabe Bobtail Member

    Jul 7, 2007
    It seems to seem my favoret trucking company (of course im only 11 wat would i kno i guse.) isnt all that great :biggrin_1square5: im not relly to found of swift ether but wat company is SO GREAT?
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  4. koolkev

    koolkev Bobtail Member

    Dec 23, 2006
    Knight SUCKS period!6 months and worst job i ever had!!
  5. movinalong

    movinalong Bobtail Member

    Oct 7, 2006
    West Coast
    Hi there, I finally got back on here, Im still standing still on what to do, but thanks for getting back to me, I could use just a good talk with someone too!
  6. Carolina Thunder

    Carolina Thunder Medium Load Member

    Jan 28, 2007
    Coeburn V.A.
    I drove for Knight for 3 months and i can say that's the worst company i have ever drove for in the 15 years that i have had a CDL. Don't wast your time!

    CITASTUKE Bobtail Member

    Nov 6, 2007
    tacoma, wa
    :biggrin_25518::sleepy5:I've work for Knight for a year now. I'm based out of Seattle Wa.
    To start there is a new yard up there. Still small but unless you work for swift anyone can back up in it. As far as payroll mistakes if you done your paper work right and your mt calls right then you should have gotten paid for it. But if you screwed it up like I have a couple times you call payroll and your dispatcher tell them the problem and it shows up on the comdata card later. I make 11000 to 14000 miles every month except for Jan and Feb which I did 9000's. If 1.30 per mile over 500 miles is cheap freight (I don't know) then yes knight does cheap freight. As far as having bad customers some people don't see how things work but umm you serve them. If you walk into a warehouse with a smile things tend to get done faster. I'm trying to figure out their lease program but something dosen't seem right. And I'm not interterested in a volvo either too much plastic. So for that only is why I'm looking elsewhere right now. :biggrin_2552:
  8. bigblue19

    bigblue19 Road Train Member

    Mar 30, 2007
    Midland WA
    Their drivers told me that they don't pay for local work at Knight. If you drop a load you are expected to deliver a local load for free since someone else will have to deliver your load so they consider it a continuation of your load.

    What if your load is a drop down the block at a receiver that is closed on the weekends and the local they give you is 20 miles away and a hand unload?

    How do they get drivers to agree to work for free even more then other OTR companies do? They are to cheap to hire a local fleet to deliver loads to keep their OTR people doing line-haul? And drivers actually agree to this? Man what a deal for Knight.

    I got lots of info from driver who decided not to work for them after orientation, and even looked at his employee manual and was blown away by how many rules and regs this outfit has.They treat their drivers like freaking 2 year olds. He even told me that his road test was delivering a load to a Target DC. Just think, they could just have drivers come to orientation and do their locals for them and then kick them to the curb.

    He said he was in his third day of orientation and a guy came out of the office and asked him if he knew how to install battery's in a Volvo. Mind you this cat was not even hired yet and they wanted to put him to work installing batteries in one of their trucks?

    Listen to this one. There was 5 people in Orientation 2 where rehires and they all got 90 day med cards because the idiots scheduled their physicals right after they did some kind of a PE test and their blood pressures where elevated. I have some medical knowledge being a form RT and know that you need to do at least 3 BP test with a half hour break in between if a higher then normal reading without a history of High BP is indicated. These people had one test and where told to see a doctor about BP meds and to come back in 90 days and try for a 1 year card.

    All anyone taking a BP test with no history of high blood pressure and a 90 day qualification would need to do is come back the next day after drinking around 32oz of water and taking a couple aspirin or a Niacin pill and they would pass. They don't need to get a doctor and go on High blood pressure meds which by the way can have some undesirable side affect like a limp noodle if you know what I mean.:biggrin_25525:
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  9. CaptJack

    CaptJack Light Load Member

    Apr 20, 2008
    Botetourt Co., VA
    CITASTUKE, If you're looking for a good, easy, straight-foreward lease program, take a look at ATS. I leased a truck from them and its a pretty good one.
  10. SCUBA_Guy

    SCUBA_Guy Light Load Member

    Jan 29, 2009
    Richland, WA
    Any job these days is worth taking. Stay safe and learn as much as you can. :)
  11. CBTruck

    CBTruck Bobtail Member

    Feb 7, 2009
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I can't believe you guys are saying you've had this much trouble at Knight. I LOVED workin there. I'm actually goin back. I had great miles, I was makin good money. About 800 a week AFTER taxes. And I was out of the Carlisle Terminal. I ran everywhere I wanted to and my dispatcher (driver manager), whatever you feel like callin it, kept me runnin as much as I wanted. The only time I didn't run is when I was sleepin or doin a restart. I'd recommend Knight to anyone.
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