How many pounds of freon?

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    Apr 19, 2019
    Old thread, figured I’d ask here instead of starting a new 1. I have a 1985 4964-2. It’s similar to the heritage. Old style York compressor. Condenser broke, so I put new condenser, new drier, 2 new lines, all new o rings and compressor. Sucked it down, held vacuum for a hour dont think it moved at all. Started charge, has about 2 lbs in it, started blowing cold, finalized with about 5 lbs. gauges were reading about 20 on the low side, 150 on the high side. Seemed low to me. Let truck run for a while, the numbers were dropping about after 2 hours, expansion valve and low side lines were freezing up, 80* ambient temp roughly, I was getting 42* at the cab vents, just a hair below 40* at sleeper vents. About a half hour into this cab vents went up to 55* sleeper was still blowing pretty cold at hair below 40*. I thought I could of undercharged it, as my gauges were reading low also. So I put another can on, my high side sky rocketed to about 275 low side 45. Oil squirted out what I believe to be a relief valve on the back of compressor. Did I toast this compressor? Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong here? Bad expansion valve? I’ve charged and serviced my own AC systems on a couple of my trucks, and thought I understood them a bit. This York compressor is new to me though. Also this system doesn’t have the high and low switches in line like my Peterbilt had. This has a round plug that plugs into the drier. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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