How to get a truck with no money down and bad credit

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    That is the worst advice you could give someone. Really, go out get in debt so you can then have the opportunity to get further into debt. Does anyone not see how fracked up that is!?!? If your credit score is nonexistent that's a good thing. By the way nonexistent is not the same as zero. If you're so hell bent on getting a truck by going into debt for it, then save you a 15-25% down payment and find a lender that understands how to do what's called manual underwriting. Most financial institutions just punch in your ss# and look at what the screen says. They don't look at the person, there real finances, experience, etc. A lender that looks at more than a credit score is what you're looking for. The fact that you have no credit score at all means you've paid with cash, don't owe anything to anyone except basic bills and if you have they down payment you show you have good financial sense enough to live below your means and save your money.

    The other option is save up and pay for a truck in cash. Takes a little longer to do for a New truck but still better to have it paid for free and clear and not worry about any payments at all.
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    I'm in the same boat, any help would be much appreciated
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    Please tell me what bank financed
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    What is the best route to go I had truck that got stolen Sept of 2015 09-19-2015 I'm still waiting on insurance to take care of it they r delaying it at all causes not wanting to pay so I can get another truck what is best option to take and if need a attorney any recommendations for attorney to handle it for me

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    Did the truck work out for y'all if not I can get your husband a job I'm a senior driver and trainer for Knight in Atlanta so if y'all need to company job to save money I can get you in here since we can't verify his experience all I have to do is take him out for 2 or 3 days and verify he can drive the truck and then I can put you on your own truck just to offer another option it may be a way for you to save some money
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    Ok I'm jumping in with both feet here. It's a crazy and ludicrous idea to try to buy a truck when you have NO money, no credit and I dare say no plan. I do not see anything about this idea ending well. Get a job work like everyone else and learn the business and the finances. Other wise you're going to be just like the 1000's of others that didn't have a clue what they were doing.
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    How to get a truck with no money down and bad credit?

    Step 1. Fill out the employment application.......
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