How to make MONEY as a new driver

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by pwmagee, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. pwmagee

    pwmagee Bobtail Member

    Feb 9, 2007
    I will post explanations to each point thoughout the weekend

    1.) Always arrive at the destination at least 10 hours early PERIOD!
    without speeding. ( piss bottles, diapers, kitty litter, Bag lunch whatever 10 hours early)
    2.) Kiss your dispatchers ### at the beginning (8 to 12 months)
    your only reply should be YES SIR...RIGHT AWAY..NO PROBLEM
    3.) When you type in empty at destination you should have 10+ hours
    available to drive PERIOD.
    4.) Be as far away from home on friday as possible
    5.) For your monday morning am delivery you should be there 10 hours
    early. means.... gotta leave on Sunday. (#### no football )
    6.) Be the BOSS and dictate your income. ( explain later )
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  3. slatherd

    slatherd Light Load Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    sweet. Now tell me how to do it.
  4. luvmyhubby

    luvmyhubby Road Train Member

    Sep 12, 2005
    Sidney MI
    I have a problem with some of this posting, some of the things posted are so general with no notation as to how to do these things LEGALLY......You are able to say yeppers to dispatch ONLY if you have the time LEGALLY to meet their request/load demands. Like suggestion #3 have 10 plus hours available to drive period, well everyone knows your only allowed 11 to begin with. Running legal is the most important thing for any driver especially a newbie to do!, so please use common sense and save yourself some greif down the legal, speak politely to everyone, and do your best to be a great driver...thats how you make money in this industry.
  5. Aligator

    Aligator Light Load Member

    Jun 21, 2005
    I appreciate your enthusiasm, but soem of us go home every weekend. More and more of us, actually, it seems.
    And I just take the dispatch I'm given. Except for once. So I don't have any control over where I am on Friday.....Actually this Friday I was at home. But I'm gonna leave Saturday Eve for my Monday appointment.....1100 miles away.
  6. pwmagee

    pwmagee Bobtail Member

    Feb 9, 2007
    Why would you go home on an 1100 mile run on Friday?
    1) you won't be there 10 hours early
    2) Just go to destination and get restart there.
    3) You will have to fudge your logs to have any hours or get a restart.

    Every driver has to think different you can't think like an employee anymore. You are now a manager of a truck ( BOSS ). Managers and BOSSES make sacrifices everyday. Examples- working on a day off, going in early, staying late. You can't spend time at home if it cost you money or you have to fudge your logs. This is not a hometime buisness. Companies can get you home, sure, but don't complain about money then.
    If you are the Manager of that truck, or owned it would you want it to go home on an 1100 mile run on friday? Or be reset and ready at destination Monday morning ready to go.
    If the answer is no get a new job and don't complain about money.
  7. pwmagee

    pwmagee Bobtail Member

    Feb 9, 2007
    I'll give you my week starting on Thursday -

    Thursday- Unloaded in Syracuse, NY. 7 am. Got next load at 8:30am. Albany,NY. to pickup. ( 120 miles ) at pickup 11 am. Leave Albany for Indianapolis ( 800 miles) for Monday 7am delivery. stop in Buffallo, NY Sleep.

    Friday - Heading to Clevland Friday morning dispatch tells meet a driver for relay in Cleveland because he wants to be home longer this weekend and can't make Jackson, TN by 7am Monday. ( Sweet because of another drivers unwillingness to make money my now 800 mile run just became 1200 miles for me, and I don't go home.) so I drive all day Friday and part of Saturday and I am now sitting in Jackson TN. getting my restart and will have 70 Hours and 10 1/2 starting Monday morning.
  8. pwmagee

    pwmagee Bobtail Member

    Feb 9, 2007
    You do have control of where you are " kinda ".
    First tell your dispatcher I could care less where I am on Friday.
    This will tell him/her you are his go to truck, hot loads, special loads, relays anything. I relay almost every weekend because some driver complains about not getting home. I will meet them anywhere and take there money, other drivers putting money in my pocket..THANKS.
    Two other points, you get layover pay for staying out and ussally get a longer run if you are staying out.
    Paul ( 387, Pete )
  9. Burky

    Burky Road Train Member

    You might want to specify a bit on some of your "rules" because they certainly don't apply in a lot of situations. For example, I often haul multiple loads in a single day, and there is no way to be 10 hours early for both of them within a single day. Secondly, many of my customers run on a "Just in Time" basis, and if I arrive early with my load of product, the silo may not have run enough out for me to unload. A 4 pm delivery for me means that I need to be there at 4 pm. I may make a phone call to the delivery and find out if they can accept the load early, but simply being there 10 hours early is on no value to either myself or my customers.

    being at your delivery 10 hours early on Monday doesn;t make a lot of sense either. If the delivery is scheduled for 8 am Monday, arriving at 10 pm the night before probable means that you are the first and only one in the parking lot. I have a 10 am delivery in Troy Oh Monday. I have scheduled in time for me to drive to the pickup location, load the trailer from the railcar, drive to Ohio, and be there on time. And I have even built into my schedule a couple of extra hours for delays, problems, or me to take a nap as needed. But I won't put an extra ten hours into the schedule just for the fun of it.

    As for smooching the dispatchers fanny, instead of doing that, let me recommend something different. Act like a professional. Make your word your bond with your dispatcher, so that he knows that when you say you can be somewhere at a set time, he can depend on you to do so. Communicate with him when something goes awry or there is information that he needs to know, and treat him as a professional, and demand to be treated like a professional yourself. A true pro doesn't have to kiss someone's fanny to be dispatched.

    I could care less my distance from home on Friday. if there is work available and I want to do it, then I do. No one that I know of gives you any brownie points for being far from home at certain times of the week. Just run your loads and go on about your business. You don;t have to intentionally try to put yourself away from home just to show someone what kind of a hard runner you are. If you truly are a hard working driver, then already know it.
  10. pwmagee

    pwmagee Bobtail Member

    Feb 9, 2007
    This will be kinda long and it's hard too explain this way but please reply and ask questions i will respond.

    2 trucks from the same company and dipatcher have a delivery at wal-mart at 7 am Monday.

    Truck 1 - Has reset and has 10 1/2 available to drive Monday
    Truck 2 - Has a reset and has 1 hour left to drive Monday

    Truck 2 is a dead fish to a Monday morning dispatcher. Truck 2 is hated by that dispatcher. Truck 2 can't even deadhead 60 Miles to Pick-up.
    it's a dead truck.

    Now every week truck 1 is ready to go. Truck 1 will soon be his go to Truck ( this is were the 6 to 8 months comes in ) Every week and every time he drops he will save loads for you.

    Note- sometimes drop and hooks are per-loaded weeks in advance. The most I have seen is 3 weeks. This means dispatch has been sitting on that load for weeks. Most drop and hooks have a 5 day window for delivery.

    Now Back to truck 1.

    This dispatcher knows this trucks has 10 + after everystop. so he will start to give you loads that are between 400 and 1000 miles not including empty. Which will give you 1 or 2 day loads with morning deliveries.
    He will also start saving loads for you and you don't even know it.

    I can tell you right now when I drop in Jackson TN. I will be going to PA.
    1000+ miles. And any other truck will go to Iowa or Georgia 600 miles.

    After a while, 6 to 8 months let your dispatcher know how you like to run.
    My dispatcher tries to give me 5am or 6 am deliveries.That's how I like to run. Just like a regular job. Up at 4 am deliver and on to next load. Hopefully it's for the next day at 5 or 6 am.

    So here I am on a 34 hour reset sitting on 1200 miles and Wednesday morning I will be in PA. sitting on 2200+ miles with 3 FULL days of driving left. How cake is that.

    Please REPLY,
    Paul ( 387, Pete )
  11. pwmagee

    pwmagee Bobtail Member

    Feb 9, 2007
    Hello Burky-

    I am not that good at explaining things this way ( words ) but here it goes.

    10 hours early-- What this means is be in the area of destination that's why I say 10 + . Rest area 30 miles away is fine. My rule is I have to be within 60 miles of destination = 10 + avalible.

    Next is Friday far away from home-- I have a friend that drives for the same company as I do . Every Friday morning he is picking up at the same place and home by 12 noon on friday ( fine his choice ) And always has to deliver on Monday morning. But always leaves Sunday night. Then calls me to complain about the bad loads he get and about the miles he gets.
    I stopped telling how many I get I just match his. if he says he got 1500 miles this week i just say that's about what I've got.
    I am not a super trucker by being far away from home on Friday. I am actually the truck you guys pass everyday because I have a tons of hours left everyday and rarly pushed to do so.( I will give you a secret about speed and driving in another thread that will blow you mind.)

    Dispatcher-- That was to get a point across. If you do your part your dispatcher will be in your pocket and be there to help you make money.
    ( I have only called my dispatcher about 10 times last year, all my communication is done trough the Quallcomm ) I don't call and complain.
    Your right on this point, Burky, RESPECT.

    Just in Time loads- I dont have loads like that but what you are doing by calling and doing all that can be done sounds right to me.

    As for short---- 2 loads 200 miles each plus short haul pay $ 50.00 per load ....SWEET i'll take it extra $100 to go 400 miles ..Great DAY to me

    Burky,Hope this helps,
    Paul 387, Pete

    As for
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