How to pay for miles traveled in Washington DC (Non-IFTA)?

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  1. PE_T

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    So Washington DC is considered Non-IFTA, but how do you pay the miles traveled there? Last time I drove (less than) 1 mile in DC and I couldn’t find a way to pay for it through my IFTA account. At the moment, I haven’t driven any miles in DC, but I want to know for future reference.
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  2. PE_T

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    I just finished paying my IFTA taxes for this past quarter. There is a box for non-IFTA total miles, but there is no entry for Washington DC. I suspect there also isn’t an entry for other non-IFTA jurisdictions. How does Washington DC pay for its roads?
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    Here's what you need to know about DC...

    It makes no sense. :)

    I know this doesn't answer your question, but if you accept this dealing with DC in anyway will be much easier on you. Trust me. Ever herd that saying "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here"? It's a great slogan for DC.

    This is coming from one born, an raised, there.

    On the bright side...if you get bored there is enough politicians an lawyers if you throw a brick you'll hit one. Make a game of it! Fun for the whole family!


    Joking aside...I hope someone answers your question. An if not, at lest you gave me a chance make fun of my old home. I thank you for that.


    Sirscrapntruckalot - Stay classy DC, stay classy.
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    Nov 19, 2018
    That sign.

    More than one person came up with the idea for that sign; decided to implement the sign; got approval for the placement of the sign; came up with text for the sign; approved the wording of the sign; signed off on the sign; had the sign text printed on the sign, a crew picked up the sign from the printer, same crew most likely installed the sign, and still no one notices the error.


    Bill Engvall - Here's your sign.
  5. xsetra

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    Aug 21, 2011
    District of Columbia, I report with my Maryland miles.
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    I believe that is inaccurate. It’s strange that the IFTA manual doesn’t explain well how to pay DC miles. I get that going to Mexico or Alaska is different as I would probably be stopped at the border, and they’ll check for the proper permits, particularly to pay for their road tax.

    I found this in the IFTA manual:

    Motor carriers traveling in non-IFTA jurisdictions must follow the procedures and file the report required by the regulations of those jurisdictions, even if they have an IFTA license. Alaska, the District of Columbia, the United Mexican States (Mexico) and Canada’s Northwest Territories, Nunavut Territory and Yukon Territory are not members of IFTA.”

    What’s interesting is that the manual does have some non-IFTA jurisdictions like DC and Alaska listed in their list of jurisdictions to be used for paperwork forms if sending it by mail. However, the list of jurisdictions online for Texas IFTA does not include DC or Alaska. So you cannot apparently report how many miles you drove in each of the non-IFTA jurisdictions. I’ll have to call IFTA.

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  7. xsetra

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    Aug 21, 2011
    I read that and I emailed Maryland ifta.
    Their reply:
    All miles get filed with each state.
    My reply: I asked if DC gets filed with Virginia or Maryland?
    No reply from them.
    I'll continue to file them with Maryland.
    It might be correct to file them as non-IFTA miles.
    How would you get tax credit when you fuel in DC?

    I don't travel much east of Ohio, so not an issue with me.
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  8. PE_T

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    I called Texas IFTA and was told that DC miles are only reported in the “total non-IFTA miles” box. The guy wasn’t aware of a way to pay for DC miles or if there is such a thing.

    As for fueling in DC, I cannot find any commercial fuel stops in DC using Trucker Path.

    I tried searching online for this issue, but nothing. I’ll just avoid DC by driving around it on I-495. There is a tiny section (under a mile), however, on I-495 that could be considered DC, but I’ll just disregard it. Hahaha.
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