How to put in notice to company

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    Jun 14, 2011
    I've quit a lot of times and as a courtesy I give them a one week notice. In the past, like when I first started, I parked the truck at a terminal, went inside to operations and told them you can have your truck back. No drama or anything about it. Oh sure, they act like they cared and wanted to know why, but that's all lip service on their part.

    I've even quit under load before, but parked the equipment at one of their yards, and they put me down as not eligible for rehire and then they hired me a few years later.

    The bottom line is that this job is "at will" employment unless you are under contract. Either party can quit without notice or reason. The days of common courtesy are over and have been for a long time.
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    Mega companies have high turnover and expect drivers to quit, clean out your things the last stop at home b4 you plan on quitting. Then tell your dispatcher to get you thru your home terminal to turn in your truck. Expect to basically go there directly.
    Never abandon a truck, be sure to turn it in wherever they want it and secure a ride home.

    for smaller companies work with them as much as possible notice is really appreciate, but if they know you are leaving and find a different driver b4 your quit date you might lose your seat early.
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