How to quit CR England without hurting my DAC Record?

Discussion in 'CR England' started by Heru, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. skyviper73

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    Feb 17, 2012
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    This statement really makes NO SENSE! You are NEVER going to make great money at the CPM rates CRE pays!
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  2. Jaguar115

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    Apr 4, 2008
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    You sir are correct..(in a way) You will/can make a fantastic GROSS pay check at CRE!! The NET pay that you will receive?

    (If someone doesn't understand NET pay, it's the money that you get to keep)

    I would gross 4-5000$ a week, after truck payment, insurance, cents per mile acct, over mileage acct, tire acct, maintenance acct, fuel, escrow...I owed CRE money for working 70 hours legally (approx 35 hours illegally (false logs))

    Bottom line..I risked my CDL by driving over hours..risked my life, your life and your families life pulling CRE loads.

    Yes, all my choice..but trying to get out of the red..and yes, I would get called into safety..I would sign a paper saying ..shame on me, I won't do it again..and away I would go.

    Im white, I'm good looking :) , and I dress nice..along with a gift for speaking well..

    I thought that I was more intelligent than them..WRONG!! They put me in a big yellow truck, all the chicken lights, all the chrome, big Texas bumper pulling a brand new trailer on a dedicated acct..

    Simply to attract truck stop trash..stay away from CRE
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  3. snowwy

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    Jul 6, 2009
    i would have fueled the truck up BEFORE giving notice. you probably only used a half tank bobtailing back to utah.

    hope you didn'dt have much fuel when you got there. otherwise that's fuel your out besides what you bought to make the trip.
  4. bamamac

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    Nov 4, 2010
    I agree !! That .25cpm with a one cent raise the first year and no benefits is trash if you ask me.
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  5. NavigatorWife

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    Apr 30, 2012
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    Make sure you have some one sign off on the truck when you turn it in also. Get pictures of that person, any damage to the truck, pictures of the inside, etc.
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  6. Evil Teddy Bear of Doom

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    Jan 12, 2014
    The best way you can avoid getting a negative DAC report when you quit is to treat people with respect.

    If you're spouting off attitude everywhere, you can expect to receive it in kind. When it comes to trucking, the carrier's attitude means a hell of a lot more than your little tantrums when it comes to your future in the industry.

    I've walked away from a lease without money left in my maintenance account to cover the cost of new tires & whatnot, but I still received a favorable reference because I gave people respect and made sure I followed procedure.

    Those rules and painful bureaucratic policies you all like to ##### about affect them just as much as you. Making their life more difficult isn't going to make yours any easier.
  7. Ripped cord87

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    Aug 23, 2013
    Fort Worth,tx
    I got my cdl with them an worked for them 8 mouths recovering there trucks from drivers they skewed over. When you go to leave give them a 2 week notice an park there truck at the yard. This way they can't put anything on your doc. It's what I did an my doc clean.
  8. Joetro

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    Aug 23, 2008
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    Wait. What?
  9. MikeJnLV

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    Oct 2, 2013
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    I worked for C REngland for all of two (2) days before finding out what they were allabout.... I had been away from trucking for about sixteen years doingconstruction (Union) and when the economy collapsed out here Ithought that I would fall back on what I had done in the past andthat was OTR driving all (48) states, with fourteen years, roughlyone (1) million plus miles under my belt.I have always maintained myCDL and Physical even though I was not driving. A local truckingcompany hired me and put me second seat with a regional driver forone day to try me out, I passed and was turned loose for two moredays solo locally while waiting for a spot in the rotation for theLas Vegas to phoenix to Dallas run (dedicated team) twice weekly.Five (5) months later I quit because there was a steering problemwith the front end that they kept putting off fixing ,,,went back inabout 4 and a half months and ran from Las Vegas to SacramentoCalifornia (dedicated over night) for 4 months and then they startedrouting me off that route to Denver,Salt Lake City, Tucson and thetruck kept breaking down, 3 times in 2 weeks in three differentstates (5 days total downtime). C R England recruiter John N. sayscome on over you will love it over here, arrived in Salt Lake City onSunday evening started orientation the following Monday morning as a(EXPERIENCED NEW HIRE), Aced the physical and those agility tests,road test, dot tests,on the final exam missed one question this wasmid-day on that Thursday end of orientation and sitting there waitingfor the certificates to be printed up they call me aside and tells methat i will have to go out with a trainer because my 14 yearsexperience was outside 3 years current, well hell, I just gave up acurrent driving job to come over here whereas I got 10 monthscurrent, with them. Well go out with a trainer for a trip and beevaluated and then we will see, so I agree. Was to get with driverthe next day (Friday) around mid-day, don't see the driver untilmid-day Monday, all weekend I sit around that center waiting. Longstory short the driver was 8 months out from getting his CDL's whichI find out the first day out, and when I attempt to contact drivermanager by way of qualcomm she refuses to reply so I call her byphone and advise her that this driver is telling me that we are goingto be out for 4 weeks at a minimum, she then go's on tell be that Iam an apprentice and I am to do whatever the driver says, I attemptto tell her that I am to do one trip and thats it, the lease truckthat I had ordered had arrived in Salt Sake City and I was to pick itup and go solo,seeing I was getting no where with her I informed thedriver that I was going back to Salt Lake, we were in ColoradoSprings Colorado and my shift to drive had just started. We are notscheduled for Salt Lake, yes we are I going to Salt Lake and I did,got out the truck and informed that manager who at that time I hadnever met,she tried to explain that she was unaware of thecircumstances surrounding my situation I said no problem. Michaelforget the last name over hears our conversation and tells me to hangin there and give It another shot to wit I say I am out of here, lieto me once shame on you,,lie to me twice shame on me,,,Oh yea foundout about that time I was only being paid $62 or $63 a day the goingrate for apprentice's (this was 8/2012).(what I was being paid a dayI made that and more an hour doing construction). They did not wantto pay me for that weekend sitting around waiting for that driver butthey eventually gave in. I went in with a very positive attitudeand I tried to keep that positive attitude but C R England made itvery difficult to do.

    One morething: On my DAC they did not report anything negitive and they didsay that I was eligible for rehire.
  10. winja

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    Feb 19, 2015
    Thats not at all true (money part)!! Cr england doest pay jack!! literally the lowest paying company on earth!! Then when you do make any money you have to fight with them to get it! !
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