How to take my cdl road test without going to driving school

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    Mar 1, 2010
    EVERYTIME this question comes up there will undoubtedly be individuals who will tell you that you simply will NEVER find a driving job if you don't got through an approved, accredited, blah, blah, blah training program that teaches you how to hold onto a steering wheel.

    I'm 21 years old and I never went to a driving school, I was taught by veteran driver's the same way they learned to drive, getting out and doing it. Not being pushed into a classroom with diagrams of air-brakes systems, diagrams of this that and the other.

    So, I'm younger than the average driver entering this industry I never attended a driving school. And I pull oversize loads, as well.

    So, what's my point? Yes, it may be true that none of the mega-fleets will touch you, but, that does NOT mean you can't find a driving job without having attended a school (unless, of course, you state has requirements for class-time, which some do, luckily, mine does not).

    What it DOES mean is you'll likely need to talk with smaller outfits, outfits where when you go in for an interview you're talking with the guy who owns the company, or at least manages it. Companies where the driver's know each other by name, and companies where if something breaks down you're expected to fix it if you can. You have to hunt harder for these sorts of jobs, but, they're certainly out there, and if you're older than 23-25 years old and have a reasonably clean MVR insuring you won't be as big of a measure as it is even for a 21 year old who has all the certificates in the world "proving" he is a capable driver.

    The megafleets, but, the industry in general, has been bowling towards this attitude that learning to drive one of these machines means going to a school, dropping several grand, and coming out "certified". As far as the mega-fleets go, its a way to generate more revenue to the company and lock individuals into a driving position for a given amount of time or to have them pay out the nose if they want out. As far as politicians go, in my opinion, its just a way to placate the general public. "Oh, yes, they're CERTIFIED drivers." Yup, those certified drivers who pull out of fuel islands and run over the nose of another truck. If thats all it takes to be certified then I am thoroughly concerned for our industry.

    And it generates a lack of willingess to discover the many tricks and techniques out there. Always double clutch, always down-shift every single gear, God-forbid anyone ever teach you how to skip-shift a truck. God-forbid you ever learn how to drive more than a 9 or 10-speed truck. And God-forbid you ever learn to how to do any level of maintenance on your truck.

    The biggest things the truck driving schools do is to perpetuate the notion that all the driver does is drive the vehicle. That doing anything beyond that is out of the scope of them being a driver. How many driver's even know what engine they've got in the truck? Or whether that Cascadia has got an RT or RTO transmission.

    There is a day coming that all new driver's will have to go through a "Certified" schooling system, the FMCSA has already proposed these regulations. But, for now, you can still get it on your own, being taught by veterans, and in my book, that's the way to go. You'll have to look a little harder to find a driving job and you won't be driving for Schneider, Swift, CRST, CR England, or any of the mega-fleets. But, that's a good thing in my book.
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    This is fact!

    Yes some companies out there will hire you with out having attended a mill. Most will not though. Its just like getting a local gig right out of school, sure its possible but is much, much tougher having not going about it the right way. Don't you think if it were easy everyone would avoid spending $6000 for schooling?! There is also a big difference in a new driver who has some kind of driving background and ones who have no clue what all it entails.

    Personally I believe that if you can do it, then go for it! It will keep you away from the mega-carriers and this is a good thing. I just wouldn't recommend it to most drivers. Most drivers out there don't know what they are doing even after schooling let alone just jumping in a truck and going for it!

    There was an experienced driver on this forum just asking what to do if they have to go through a scale and haven't weighed there truck! There is no excuse for that and shows the lack of training that they had received and are now out there among your family driving down the road! Too many drivers out there nowadays that don't have a clue what they are doing and there is no excuse for it! Fine if you want to be a professional driver but know the rules and know your profession!
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    You realize you're responding to a post that is over 3 years old right? What was true then in that particular location, might not be true now in every location.
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    Aug 25, 2012
    It's still true where i live, if your in southern Ohio with a cdl message me, you'll have a job.

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    Jul 21, 2017
    Can you get your cdl and not go to school or have to deal with a otr trainer but yet get a fairly good driving job?
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    Jan 3, 2018
    Let me ask this. I'm looking at a Class B test, with airbrakes. I understand that a vehicle could be rented, but how to get it to the testing site when you still don't have the license? Can I assume one can drive the vehicle without being certified and you just wouldn't get hired without?
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    Nov 6, 2014
    You need a licensed driver to get it to the test site. Many of the rental places will bring it and meet you there. Yes you can drive without any classes if you have the license. I had never even sat in a semi until the day I took my drivers test in a rented truck. Passed with ease and bought my truck the next week.
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