How to try trucking in austrailia

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    Aug 27, 2017
    i used to work with a yank good bloke started same as i did got his HC license and started in a Mercedes spreader spreading feat gypsum and lime on paddocks eventually we both got out MC through our employer and started driving b doubles/road trains have a look at a video i have on youtube you'll see the trucks i started in (spreading) to what i drive now doing overnight freight its an easy job if you don't mind working at night check the vid out
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    On the topic of rough roads i was hoping to get some feed back from other fellow truck drivers out there in "Woop Woop", through out central Queensland we have roads that are so rough you can't even open a bottle of water is shakes so much the roads have no shoulders and we pay a fortune for rego so where is all out tax money going? Also in Queensland we get alot of grey nomads and holiday makers towing there caravans and just refuse to drive at more than 85k/h this creates such a dangerous situation with no freeway and hardly any decent overtaking lanes i'm wondering what our politicians are doing about it?
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    I started watching this show because my wife found it on Netflix and told me about it. Boom! I am hooked now....
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