HR-822: National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act (Handgun Carry)

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    Contact your Congressman and/or Senator and ask them to support HR-822.

    The Capitol switchboard:


    Again, this has to do with trucking because there are many drivers with permits, and have to go into states like CA, MA, MD, NJ, NY, and a few other states that are rabidly anti-2nd Amendment.

    This bill (if passed) will allow one who has a CCW permit in their home state to carry in 48 states, (Illinois, Wisconsin, and District of Columbia do not issue permits, but there are "shall issue CCW" bills in both State Legislatures, and the decision in Palmer v. District of Columbia is pending, which is overdue as of mid September, 2010).

    If one has a permit in a state other than their home state of residence, it will allow them to carry in 47 states (not their home state).

    This bill (as a "stand alone bill") will pass the House, but we need to get more co-sponsors onboard. Right now, we have 130 co-sponsors, and we need 215 to get it out of the House. Unfortunately it won't get past the President's signature as Mr. Obama will veto it, so it will become a "rider" attached to a "must sign" bill when (not if) it hits the Senate providing it gets the support that it needs.
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