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Anyone else been truly screwed by Hurricane Express & Want to Join in on a Lawsuit????

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  1. Melinda Kilbourne

    Melinda Kilbourne Bobtail Member

    Jun 9, 2015
    We researched this company!! We saw a lot of negative....but we talked to drivers person to person and they seemed pleased with, i dont know.
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  3. TB John

    TB John Company Shill of BYOB & CBD

    Dec 28, 2008
    Wow, you may have just set the record for the longest post on TTR. Thank you for not including any telephone conversations A few things really grabbed my attention, 1st you're a CPA but not working as one. In this day and age 2 incomes is almost a requirement to have a comfortable lifestyle. You choose to be a stay at home mom and I respect that.

    2nd. You brought up the fact you have no money to feed and diaper you child:binky: numerous times. You need life saving medicine, you've got regular household bills.:Automobile loan::Fuel expenses: Why would you start all this without any savings?? How are you going to afford a lawyer if you can't even put food on the table?
    3rd. Did you really expect to keep the whole sign on bonus if he worked there just a month? I think they were generous letting you keep the $500. Most companies doll out sign on bonuses over the course of 4,6, or sometimes 12 months.

    4th. You demanded sympathy and compassion from your " go to person" in all your E-mails but you sure didn't show any when she mentioned her mother passed away during this whole deal.

    I hope at your next company its all sunshine and roses.:wave:
  4. bamanation

    bamanation Medium Load Member

    Jan 22, 2009
    Muscle Shoals ,AL
    What kind of family emergency did you have that needed him to be off for a week?
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  5. freightwipper

    freightwipper Road Train Member

    Mar 24, 2014
    lmao yeah because they wanted a recruitment bonus :evil3:

    That's why this site will ban you for putting out truck numbers and drivers numbers etc etc to try recruiting.
    When there's tons for negative there's a reason for it.
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  6. SCtruckerdude

    SCtruckerdude Bobtail Member

    Oct 17, 2013
    Trucking companies are pretty unsympathetic of a new drivers problems. Sad but true.. especially if it was a legitimate issue. Maybe if those things had happened after he had been working for the company for a while things would have been different. It costs the company money to hire a new driver and until they get some return off of him they don't want to hear about personal problems.

    If you were in such a bad way financially why did you choose to take a risk on a lease purchase instead of just being a company driver somewhere?

    Sounds like you need to find something to do and quit trying to handle business he should have been taking care of his self. I bet after all those emails and calls they were glad to see him leave. Probably saved them a lot of future headaches. Your husband needs to man up and take care of his own issues instead of letting you do it for him. Try taking up knitting or go make a flower garden or something
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  7. freightwipper

    freightwipper Road Train Member

    Mar 24, 2014
    Sorry but I have to agree with others here.
    While yes I feel bad for your situation but your husband didn't do his homework.
    Endlessly I've seen on this site people getting screwed over by them and/or people not making any or much money with them.
    And two which is most important..
    "We have a 3 year old child that was and is still in need of diapers with no money"
    man I am speechless... :biggrin_25521:
    Lease a new truck when you have no money in the bank to afford baby diapers after missing one week of work???
    You're going through a tough time and I'd hate to come across as bashing your husband but if that's the situation you're in you don't lease a truck and I'm sure everybody here will agree with me.

    Just to give you an example I myself am leasing a truck and I had my clutch go out at 30k miles.
    It cost me a week of no income while still having $1100 in fixed costs coming out of my pocket.
    Being I wasn't a company driver guess who paid for sitting in a hotel stuck for a week :wave:
    There's many other things besides family emergencies that can shut you down and you HAVE to have money in the bank to be prepared for those moments in life and supporting your family before leasing a truck.
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  8. freightwipper

    freightwipper Road Train Member

    Mar 24, 2014
    Not all lease deals are bad.

    I'm leasing with Schneider (who has company drivers) and am doing fine.
    When you find threads of people saying they aren't making money here or Schneider screwed them get back to me. No such thread exists which was one of the main reasons I came here and so far things have been even better than I expected.
  9. joseph1135

    joseph1135 Papa Murphy

    Nov 8, 2009
    The Highway To Hell.
    Hurricane sucks. Always has. Always will. The stories about this company are endless. But, it would not be fair to blame just them in this. I mean, of course, they are horrible. But the MASSIVE amount of fail on your part contributed here as well.

    1. No money, decided to lease? Really??

    2. Where was this 3 year old while you were out galavanting around with your husband?

    3. If this 3 year old wasn't with you, why are you not at work?

    4. If hubby is as experienced as you say he is, how did you two ever get into this mess??

    I'm not sticking up for this company one bit. But stupid behavior results in bad circumstances. You guys ran the gamut here when it came to stupid choices.
  10. TruckerPete1990

    TruckerPete1990 Road Train Member

    Jul 16, 2012
    Bentonville Arkansas
    That's True some are GOOD but most got that big Bollon payment at the end that they can not make. They end up turning in the trucks and get another one.
  11. bigdogpile

    bigdogpile Road Train Member

    May 16, 2010
    fontana ca
    But the 1st tank of fuel is free, and they have a nice pete with a cute girl standing next to it,that should make us all want to work there
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