Hurricane Ian Debris Re-Haul Contract. Average $2,500.00 Per Day

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    Nov 20, 2022
    My company B&A Disaster Recovery LLC has the following First Tier Contract In Fort Myers Florida.

    Lee County debris re-haul 80+ yard walking floors, end dumps or Push Out Trailers

    $3.25/yard lee county landfill
    15 miles

    $3.75/yard outside of lee county
    25 miles

    We will be hauling mulch and C&D. Prime contractor have requested 35 more units if we can find them. Current volume sitting in Debris Site will take 200 days to deliver to final disposal.

    Load tickets turned in every Sunday. From first submittal, tickets will be processed and approved by Prime contractor. First invoice will be paid the second Friday after, effectively making first payment in 19 days if starting on a Monday, pay will then be weekly.

    Lee county includes Fort Myers, Fort Myers beach, Bonita springs Sanibel & Captiva Island. Fort Myers beach and the two islands are nearly 100% losses so they will be demoing those areas completely which will be the third phase of this haul.

    First phase is starting now, and the second phase will be the volume that’s currently still lining the streets that we can not fit into the DMS at the moment.

    It is likely that this job will be in all a 1 year gig.

    Drivers are currently getting 10-14 loads per day. I expect at some point we will end up hauling before and after curfew to increase load counts. However, that is a hit and miss with every storm.

    Please reach out to Patrick Haygood via text or call @ (903) 578-1713.
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