I-20 Louisiana MP 101 Closed 3/22 - 3/24

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    Dec 11, 2010
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    INTERSTATE CLOSURE: I-20 in Calhoun, Ouachita Parish - SPN H.014052..
    I-20 Louisiana at exit 101 in both directions will be closed Friday 3/22 at 8pm until Monday 3/24 6am.

    Overpass work.

    Traffic will be able to get off at 101 and get right back on in both directions but traffic will be back up seriously on both east & west bound sides.

    If you are east bound, you can get off at Choudrant exit 92 & run hwy US 80 to Calhoun & get back on at the 103.

    If you are west bound, you can get off at 103 & run US hwy 80 and get back on at Choudrant exit 92.

    Here is your warning: I DO NOT suggest getting off at 107 west bound in an attempt to access US hwy 80 there. That is Camp Rd. The intersection of Camp Rd & US hwy 80, is right in a curve on 80. You can't see around either end of the curve. Its dangerous even for a car.

    West bound: You can enter US hwy 80 from exit 112 Wells Rd where the Pilot & QT is.
    Any attempt to access US hwy 80 prior to 112 will put you off in town. If you don't mind going hwy 80 in busy retail environment, you can.

    Be warned, US hwy 80 is a two lane rd in Louisiana. Traffic will be heavy with re-routing and will also be congested. If there is an accident, its going to be a long wait.
    The choice is yours to make... slow going on I-20 or slow going on US hwy 80 for 13+ miles depending on where you get on at.

    Ask any questions & I'll try to provide you with some guidance.

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