I-8 from San Diego to PHX Question

Discussion in 'Truckers' Weather & Road Conditions' started by ChuckinAZ, Mar 10, 2022.

  1. ChuckinAZ

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    Jun 19, 2018
    Phoenix, AZ
    Good morning all...

    I have never taken I-8 from SD to PHX. I've always done I-10 to I-215, etc. Question for all y'all...

    How is I-8 for stops, fuel, etc. I know on I-10, remember to get gas at AZ Exit 1, and not in Blythe. :)

    My final destination would be I-8 > Hwy-85 > L-101 > I-17. Although, there's also I-8 > Hwy-111 (El Centro Area) > Hwy 78 > I-10 > L-101 > I-17.

    Which would y'all suggest? Granted, I'm a roller skate running Rabbit on my trips, but I always look towards you folks for trip suggestions in the past, and have found what was said to be longer on paper, was actually faster actual travel and a *lot* simpler.

    Thanks all!
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