Idiotic speed behavior

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by Kyle G., Jul 24, 2021.

  1. Kyle G.

    Kyle G. Road Train Member

    Jan 23, 2016
    Eastern Iowa
    This phenomenon has always driven me crazy and I still don’t understand why this happens all the time everywhere...

    If the speed limit is 70, I can set my cruise close to the speed limit (like one or two mph over), and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Yes the 4 wheelers and the super truckers still pass me, but they generally aren’t aggressive and don’t tailgate too much.

    But if the speed limit drops to 55 or less, and I adjust my speed accordingly, suddenly everyone is riding my arse and within minutes there is a mile long clogged line of angry traffic behind me.

    So why is everyone ok with driving the speed limit when the speed limit is 70 but not when it’s 55? Why is everyone willing to risk losing their license and their job to drive 70 in a 55 but you don’t see them doing 85 in a 70. And every single type of motorist does this. Truckers do it, 4 wheelers do it, police do it, etc. people even do this when they have no apparent reason to be in a hurry. what gives?
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  3. D.Tibbitt

    D.Tibbitt Road Train Member

    Apr 26, 2013
    Gettin' down westbound
    I think some people think it gets them there faster ... its really apparent when you get into small towns and construction zones where the spped limit drops from highway speeds to 35 mph in half a mile. Some people either cant read signs or dont care. Im thinking maybe both.
  4. not4hire

    not4hire Road Train Member

    May 16, 2012
    Because people drive by feel and visual cues (but not speed signs as much when in groups) and cars have become so easy and competent that they "feel" slower and drivers are used to higher speeds.
  5. PacoTaco

    PacoTaco Light Load Member

    Apr 16, 2016
    South Texas
    Early yesterday morning on US 287 in Colorado - I passed a FedEx in a passing lane. A few miles later in Springfield he blows by me doing 45 or 50 in a 30 mph zone.
  6. jason6541

    jason6541 Road Train Member

    Mar 5, 2012
    Omaha, NE
    Many studies have been done. Most people regardless of speed limit drive the speed they feel is safe and or flow of traffic at the time. Hell out west The limit in Wyoming is 80 mpg mph snd read a study by Wyoming highway patrol the average speed of passenger cars is 87 mph. Nevada same thing 80 mph and average speed is 85. So not surprising
    I head out west on the rare occasion and set cruise at 83 in truck and cars blow by me like I am sitting on Jacks.
  7. Kyle G.

    Kyle G. Road Train Member

    Jan 23, 2016
    Eastern Iowa
    My commute to work is a perfect example. 4 lane us highway, speed limit 65 for most of it. There is one busy intersection where the speed limit drops to 55 for a half mile. Then later on a short stretch through town with some stop lights and it’s 55 through there. Then back to 65 for several miles, then a 3 mile jaunt down I-380, speed limit 70. I see a lot of the same idiots every day on my commute.

    So I get on the highway for the first leg, nice and peaceful. Sometimes I even pass a few slowpokes and some people pass me. Then in the 55 zones, everybody aggressively passes me. But here’s the funny part, I found a gravel road shortcut to avoid most of the stop lights, so I actually end up back ahead of them when the speed limit goes back up to 65. Sometimes they pass me again at this point. Then we get to 380 and I blow their doors off.
  8. Kyle G.

    Kyle G. Road Train Member

    Jan 23, 2016
    Eastern Iowa
    I would peg FedEx as one of the worst offenders
  9. MACK E-6

    MACK E-6 Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    Baltimore, MD
    That’s when the slowpokes get to feel like they’re faster than you. :rolleyes:
  10. TripleSix

    TripleSix God of Roads

    Apr 10, 2009
    Copied in Hell
    Scientific answer (long post warning)

    Have you ever noticed that if you come upon a drunk or a sleepyhead, they are running 55 mph? Anyone will barely a brain cell can run 55. The 55 mph national speed limit was chosen to help Braindeads. Why can’t they do 85 in a 70? It requires more brains. 85 is too mentally taxing for the average motorist.

    You’re running 70, drunk is at 55, as soon as you try to pass, he speeds up and matches speed and attempts to pace you. If you get back behind him, he slows his speed back to what isn’t mentally taxing, 55-60. Step out to pass and suddenly he picks up. He’s not trying to be a dick, he’s Braindead. If you want to mentally slaughter a Braindead, kick your speed up to 75…he will attempt to pace you. However, this speed will overload his remaining brain cells rather quickly and he will either meltdown (black out and wreck), get off the highway or, back off to the Braindead fail safe speed of 55-60.

    The average company schmuck default setting is to pedal to the metal on a neutered truck. Construction zone? Pedal to the metal. Actually driving a rig and controlling the speed is extremely difficult for someone whose default setting is set for a neutered truck. Too mentally taxing. Ever notice that if you are in a long construction zone with slow speeds that when you come out of the zone, everyone is still driving construction zone speed UNTIL you try to pass them and then they realize they they’re creeping? Braindead.

    Ever notice that in extremely bad weather, everyone bunches up, side by side, nose to tail, and create a rolling roadblock? Braindead.

    Do you not find it interesting that your traffic laws and trucking regulations are almost entirely for the protection of Braindeads? Hmmmmm…..
  11. Magoo1968

    Magoo1968 Medium Load Member

    Mar 18, 2021
    St Malo mb
    If you’re talking trucks many can’t do 70 . Up here in Canada I get passed in every small town then need to pass the truck again on the highway. In the prairies it’s very common to have twin 53’s blow by you in every speed or construction zone .
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