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  1. mojoblues

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    Jun 18, 2007
    How much fuel per hour do semi trucks burn when idling. I know engines vary but the average is what I need.
    Also what kind of generators are the best to buy?
    I talked to trucker the other day that said it was cheaper to stay in a motel than pay the idle fuel costs. I don't pay for fuel so this never really crossed my mind...I'm planning to buy a truck soon so this would be very helpful
  2. Brickman

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    Sep 17, 2006
    The common standard is a gallon an hr. You do the math with what ever your fuel costs per gallon are. Unless that driver was staying over night in a flee bag motel its not cheaper. But he might have been wanting to get out of his truck for the night too.

    If he was staying put for the weekend then yes it would be cheaper to get a room than idle for the whole weekend.
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    Jul 25, 2007
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    another new feature is the APU being installed on newer tractors. Its an auxiliary power unit (like in a aircraft) that charges ur batteries, climate control, and power supply in the sleeper. really quiet, and efficient too. i havent researched them yet, but have heard they aint cheap
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    Feb 19, 2006
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    As stated below, a gallon per hour is the average most reported for idling. My company has opti-idle which is a thermostat/sensor that turns the engine off and on automatically when parked to sustain A) oil temp in cold weather B) battery levels when using accessories and C)in-cab temps for driver comfort. I'd say opti-idle cuts idling by 2/3 meaning you burn a gallon every 2 -3 hours instead of 1. A 12 hour shut down at $2.80 a gallon would cost over $30 for the guy who idles all night. I don't know, but a $30 hotel room isn't a place I think I would be willing to stay!
    Opti-idle cuts that expense down to about $15 a night.
    Idle-aire systems, I think, would cost you over $25 for a 12 hour hook-up, I never understood the math that makes drivers think Idle-aire is a bargain.
    Generators (APUs) can be noisy as hell, so test them all! An APU will give you about 4 hours idling per gallon, so a 12 hour overnight is a lot more cost effective at only about $10.
    I don't know exact prices but I think either an APU or a factory installed opti-idle would be about $3000. But, at a $15 savings PER NIGHT with opti and a $20 savings PER NIGHT for the APU, either will repay you in savings within 7 or 8 months, keep it for 4 -5 years, and you save big $$$.

    Google APU, generator, trucks and you'll get plenty of sales sites for after market generators, some with good Frequently Asked Question sections describing savings, maintenance and installation.
  5. Brickman

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    Sep 17, 2006

    12 hrs at $1.85 an hr is $1 an hr less than idling simply on fuel. $12 a night cheaper. Add in wear and tear to your engine from idling 12 hrs and multiply that by how ever many nights a yr you idle and the math becomes very clear.
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