IFTA - Kind of new to it. Am I doing it wrong?

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    Oct 3, 2018
    What do your IFTA filings look like? I use the keeptrucking ELD and it tracks my mileage and I put in all the fuel receipts as I get them. I haven't gone further west than the eastern most point of Nebraska and did most of my miles along the east coast. Right now, I'm looking at paying $626 this quarter. That's doing 14692 miles and using up around 1500 gallons of diesel. Most of the miles in the northeast states. Now, I've used my truck a little for Personal conveyance but that would only count for maybe few hundred miles and didn't keep track of where those miles were done. This is the second time I filed where the first filing was very little movement before the quarter was up so I don't fully understand IFTA. Is it cheaper on filing when filling up in different states vs others? I live in Georgia and the georgia irs site auto fills your MPG once you put in how many miles you ran and the total gallons you use.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Mar 30, 2014
    The best advise is to buy your fuel where it is cheapest, net of taxes. You go to the IFTA site, and you can see what the tax is and what the surcharge is. You pay that on the gallons you use in each state. Subtract the tax from the pump price, and that is your net fuel price. Buy it where it is the least expensive, and if you owe, you owe, but you're saving now and in the long run

    For example I'm based in Illinois, which has a lower pump price than Indiana, and a lower tax rate. Indiana merged the tax and the surcharge. If Illinois' net price is higher, then I should fuel in Indiana. If it is lower, then I fuel in Illinois.

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    Mar 5, 2017
    I try to buy a little in all states ran at the lowest price in that state. Paid $10 this qtr on almost 30K miles.
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    Jul 20, 2012
    Yes you are doing it wrong. Look for a ifta reporting company that you pay to do your filing. It will be much cheaper. Are you keeping miles run per state, and gallons paid per state? You don’t pay ifta taxes. Its a redistribution of fuel taxes paid per state. For example if you bought all your fuel in Texas, but ran Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, but didn’t buy any fuel in those states, when you file quarterly Texas would reimburse those states, for miles run in those states, but no fuel tax was collected. I did mine for years, after I downloaded the software from TEXAS
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    Yeah, you're doing something wrong. IFTA usually owes me money..

    Take all miles ran for the quarter divided by all fuel placed in truck for the quarter.
    That gives you your mpg average.
    Next on the worksheet you enter miles traveled by jurisdiction. (State)
    Miles traveled by state divided by the average mpg.
    That tells you how many gallons you should have purchased per state.
    That # will either be a surplus or deficit.
    Take that # multiply it by that states fuel tax & see what you owe, or they owe you.
    Do that for every jurisdiction you ran in, add it all up & send your check or send in paperwork & never collect the money they owe you till it reaches over $10 because that is the minimum they will send out to you because that's how the gov't works..
    I buy fuel every state I run in. If I have to spend 2 hours every 3 months adding this crap up, I sure don't want to pay for my time. It's peanuts, I'm up usually a buck or 2, but it beats cutting them a check..
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  6. Stubby T Slapnutt

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    Jul 20, 2012
    Try my.iftaplus.com. Found them on web this morning. Good luck
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