I'm Done!!

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by Biscuit75, May 19, 2012.

  1. Biscuit75

    Biscuit75 Road Train Member

    After 16 years, over 1.5 million miles, everything from van to reefer to flats to tanker to doubles, I have done a lot and driven a lot and NEVER had an accident. A couple speeding tickets here and there over the years. No customer complaints. Always go above and beyond. Take extra runs, come in on my days off, do loads others can't or won't do. You would think any company would be thrilled to have someone like me. Thank my parents for an exuberant work ethic.

    But over the last 2 years I've lost the love I had for driving a truck. Culminating with today. From being laid off while healing from a car accident and not being rehired when I was healed (they hired 3 new guys though), to going back OTR for a few months and not being able to stand my "peers", to being fired for an "anonymous email" complaining about my driving, and now with FedEx, 2 call in's and I'm automatically at fault.

    The first was before Christmas at 3 am. Merge in behind a car and the car starts stabbing their brakes. I don't tailgate and never got close to hitting them even though we slowed to 25mph in downtown Columbus. I needed the next exit and couldn't get around them. I high beamed them and eventually they went on. I got up to speed on the next highway, passed the car and went on my way. Two days later I'm called in the office and ripped for "Intimidating" a driver. 3am, Christmas time, FedEx. I didn't know if I was being set up to be hijacked or robbed or what. All I did was flash my lights and avoid a collision. I had to stop to keep from hitting them and that's what separated us. Remember, on an Interstate in downtown Columbus....

    Last month I had one call in and say I was driving recklessly on the WV pike heading to Beckley. I go to the Tamarack everyday. I meet a driver, swap trailers, and head back. The write up was for my trip INTO Beckley. Which is uphill and slows me down to 40-45mph. How do I drive recklessly in the right lane with the flashers on?

    So today, I stop at the Pilot in Nitro, WV. Never stop there. No room and with doubles I can't get out of a situation if I get stuck. No backing them up. I'm not that good. But I had no choice. Mother nature was a calling. I pull in between the two truck driveways and go running. This leaves no less than 50 feet between me and the parked trucks and scale exit. I come back out and a guy is all the way off the scale but blowing his horn for me to move to make his turn. The back of his trailer was beyond the scale posts. Not the tandems, the back of the trailer. I tell him to wait a minute, he yells something, I yell back to just go. He has way more room than he needs. I get in the truck and start to get situated. He starts laying on the horn. I tell him one minute (with one special finger). He lays on the horn again then starts writing my truck and trailer info. So I go ask him what his problem is. He ignores me. I tell him to learn how to drive or we don't need him out here.

    Well, since he was going to call FedEx, I called my manager first. Tell him the story and I GET RIPPED! I shouldn't have parked in his way (he had more than enough room). I shouldn't have stopped (I had to tihs). I shouldn't have confronted him (in hindsight I agree, but I won't be intimidated). And if I can't find a safe, legal place to park I shouldn't be working for FedEx. :biggrin_2556: Ummm, I can't back doubles into a parking spot. The fuel islands were backed up. I was prairie dogging.

    So that's it. I'm tired of every idiot that has a cell phone can get me in trouble. Some chick didn't get her "marital aid" on the day FedEx said it would be there and she gets mad at something one of us does and calls. We don't move over and someone has to hit their brakes getting on the highway, we get called in on. And does FedEx or the contractor I drive for stand behind me? H E L L NO! Immediately I am in the wrong and even though the manager has never driven, he gets to tell me how to. I get hired because of my clean record. My 16 years with no accidents. But one ticked off soccer mom with an iPhone has to drop it on the floor while she's texting because I need over and I can lose my job. Well, I'm done. I'm done with these companies, contractors, slovenly drivers I share the industry with, ALL OF IT! At 36, it's time for a career change.
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  3. brsims

    brsims Road Train Member

    Aug 8, 2009
    Meadville, PA

    I hear where you're coming from, Biscuit. I've felt the same way a couple of times over the last couple of years.

    If you're serious about career change, you looking at college, tech school, or going into a previous field?

    Whichever way you go, I wish you the best of luck. And congrats on your successful career, what with the no-accident record and all.

    And to be fair, I would've given that idiot driver on the scale the "special finger" too. But I don't drive for FedEx.
  4. Truck609

    Truck609 Light Load Member

    Dec 17, 2011
    Take a deep breath driver. Aren't you off now on your weekend? If so, go pour yourself a stiff drink....things will look better come Monday morning.
  5. Lonesome

    Lonesome Mr. Sarcasm

    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    You can't help what others do, you just have to do what's right for you. Confronting the other guy? Bad call.
  6. Biscuit75

    Biscuit75 Road Train Member

    I know. Like I said, hindsight. But I snapped. Hit my breaking point. He wouldn't just go. I can't explain it any better than to say he had plenty of room. He was completely off the scale with at least a bobtails length between me and the front of his truck. He picked the wrong guy at the wrong time to be obnoxious with.

    On my weekend, don't have to be back until Tuesday, half a bottle of Crown Royal Black in. :biggrin_25525:
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  7. 48Packard

    48Packard Ol' Two-stop Shag!

    Apr 19, 2009
    Columbia, SC area
    Man, I hear ya.

    You know it's getting sorry when it's not even the four-wheelers any more...you have to be concerned about the so-called "professionals" out there.

    Enjoy your days off....I've been out 7 weeks and headin' home tomorrow. Can't come soon enough. The money has been good, but enough is too much.

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  8. pattyj

    pattyj Road Train Member

    Jul 19, 2008
    Sioux City,ia
    You sure do sound alot like how im feeling right now biscuit.You have to remember,only time you're noticed is when someone turns you in.You're never noticed for the good deeds you do,NEVER.Your manager is like every other manager from a trucking company,you're in the wrong and always will be.They don't wanna hear your story.Someone turns you in so it must be your fault. You'll never hear otherwise from a company.Don't call it quits,there are better days ahead.
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  9. rookietrucker

    rookietrucker Trucker Forum STAFF Staff Member

    Jul 15, 2007
    Go on an quit, by the sixth month. You will be having diesel withdrawals and be on here looking for another yob. :biggrin_25522::biggrin_2559:

    Enjoy your weekend.............. :occasion5:
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  10. MNdriver

    MNdriver Road Train Member

    Feb 24, 2012
    well, if you are home for the weekend....

    (And I was to this point about a month ago wanting to just clean out the truck)

    Sit down, have a beer, watch super troopers and have a good laugh....

    Shenanigans man........

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  11. 48Packard

    48Packard Ol' Two-stop Shag!

    Apr 19, 2009
    Columbia, SC area
    We venture ahead six months....

    A new posting on TTR....

    "Six months ago, I quit my job and told them where to, um, place it. Can I still get hired by someone?"

    (Kiddin', ya know....all we can do is remember all the idiotic drivers we DIDN'T kill or injure because WE did the right thing!)
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