Important Parts & Service Discount Programs for Owner Ops/ Small Fleets

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    Nov 30, 2020

    I'm sure many of you have seen the present state of the world and the trucking industry, and it's not good to say the least. While I am unable to change that, I can try to assist a few of you by offering advice on how to purchase semi truck parts at a discount along with fuel and service.

    Please message a mod to request that they pin this for information purposes.

    Always ask your dealer if you can open an account because certain dealers, including my local Kenworth, give discounted prices to account holders.

    FleetCharge By Navistar

    This unique Navistar Fleet Charge credit card and maintenance program offers carriers 20%–50% savings off the cost of parts when used at qualified International Trucks locations
    compared with standard retail parts prices. All brands, all makes, all fleets and sizes are included. Savings vary based on fleet size and maintenance needs.

    The Fleet Charge program is a credit card that requires a credit application with Navistar, is administered by Navistar, and is subject to terms between the cardholder and Navistar.

    It's Fee-Free.
    No, really. No enrollment fees, no late fees, no hidden costs.

    Optional Emergency Breakdown Service
    As an exclusive optional service to Fleet Charge customers, EBS can be added to your account at any time with no annual costs or hidden fees – just a nominal per-incident fee. And when EBS repairs are needed, convenient credit and consolidated billing through your Fleet Charge account gets you back on the road quickly while providing you greater control and flexibility over your unexpected repair costs.

    Apply Here: Fleet Charge

    You can still utilize this to save money on coolant, washer fluids, and other parts even if you don't own an International. When I was replacing hoses, kingpins, bearings, and other items just yesterday, I used this card to save almost $800 on parts. Also it’s the same price at every international dealer!
    FinditParts is the #1 supplier of heavy duty truck and trailer parts online.

    Quick lookup by Part Number or Cross Reference
    Shop their inventory of leading OEM and aftermarket brands

    With more than 10 million parts cataloged on its easy-to-use website, FinditParts is the largest single-source Internet provider of heavy duty, OEM and aftermarket parts. From hard-to-find parts to everyday preventative maintenance items. Find it Parts carries products from every major brand, including Meritor, Haldex, Bendix, Grote, Buyers Products, Truck-Lite, Hendrickson, SKF, Baldwin and Donaldson and over 250 other manufacturers.

    Website: FinditParts VIP Program Signup

    Tip: Choose the VIP it may cost $50 a year but we made that money back and then some on our first order and you don’t actually have to spend a 100K annually to be eligible.



    If you're having trouble finding the parts for your Cummins truck, check out the Cummins website. When compared to other dealers, their prices are usually very competitive. Enter your VIN or engine number to search for the part you need.

    This can be delivered to your local mechanic or you can have it shipped to the closest Cummins Shop.

    Online Parts Store:

    TIP: Use FindItParts and Compare the pricing

    Cummins Credit Account

    Since the majority of owner operators use credit cards to buy parts, I advise improving your business credit so it will be helpful when you want to lease a trailer or finance equipment in the future.

    An example would be opening a credit account at your neighborhood truck wash, repair shop, fuel supplier, etc… But I will get into that tomorrow.

    Apply: Credit Department | Cummins Inc.

    Rush Truck Center

    Parts Connect

    RushCare Parts Connect is a new, easy-to-use and intuitive online parts ordering system, exclusively from Rush Truck Centers. With RushCare Parts Connect, you can search parts for all makes and models of heavy- and medium-duty trucks, check availability and place an order – anywhere, anytime.

    This will enable you to look up parts at any Rush Dealer and determine how many are available at every Rush Truck Center in the United States.

    You only need to input your VIN to have access to the OnCommand and search for the parts you need while seeing diagrams, exactly like the parts salesperson at the dealership. This will save you time and money, especially if your dealer is closed.

    Service Connect

    RushCare Service Connect is accessible via PC, tablet or mobile device so you review service status and document all aspects of the service process in your office, at your home or on the go. The mobile and tablet views of the portal include the full suite of system features, including mobile approval.

    If you already have an account, click the link I've supplied to set up Parts Connect. You'll need to provide them your name, email address, and account number, which you can find on any invoice.

    LINK: RushCare Connect

    If you don't already have an account, get in touch with your local dealer and ask to speak with their sales representative so they can get you started.

    RepairLink for OEM Parts

    If you were denied for the FleetCharge or want to purchase parts from manufacturers or dealers for your personal vehicle at a discount then use RepairLink. It’s free and most dealers actually list the same parts for a discount on this website so you will be receiving OEM parts from your favorite car manufacturers.

    How is this possible?
    Repair Shops must buy parts at a lower cost so they can upsell them to you; this is where RepairLink comes in. You just register as a shop on their website; it will take you about two to three minutes; and then you can add the dealers in your area to have full access.

    Supported Manufacturers
    Mazda, Volvo, GM, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Mopar, Lexus and now International / IC Bus

    Website: RepairLink - Find OEM Parts & Order from Your Dealer Online

    Love’s Express Billing

    Love's Express Billing Program provides professional drivers with consistent, competitive pricing and no transaction fees. It also eliminates the hassle of using cash or personal credit cards for fueling needs.

    You will be provided with an Account Number that can be used for Love's & Speedco Tire/Light Mechanical
    • No application or transaction fees
    • No cost account maintenance
    • Card/Tag(s) Free of Charge
    • Fuel cash price with our already competitive prices
    • Use the Love's Express Billing program for in-store merchandise & services
    According to a sales rep as of August 3, 2022 this is their benefits
    • Up to 14-16 cents off the CASH price when you fill up at Love’s. *Totaling 19-21 cents off!!
    • $25 OFF New Tire Pricing & Love’s Retreads
    • $25 OFF Oil Changes at Love’s & Speedco Locations
    • 10% OFF Service Center Hourly Rates (Including Roadside Assistance)
    • FREE Premium Wifi for participating My Love’s Rewards Members
    • PLATINUM My Love’s Rewards Status for the first 90 days
    • 24/7 Roadside Assistance with NO MILEAGE FEE
    • RFID WIRELESS fueling technology (drivers can go cardless) AWESOME TECHNOLOGY!
    Apply Here:

    TA Fleet Universal

    The TA Fleet Universal Card puts convenience at your fingertips every time you visit a TA, Petro or TA Express. Easily make purchases across our travel centers, including diesel islands, gas islands, truck service, and travel store. Apply now to receive the most efficient fleet card on the highway.

    • One bill for your on-the-go needs
    • Discounts on diesel and truck service
    • Online account management tools
    • Robust reporting all in one place
    • No application fees
    • No monthly maintenance fees
    • No transaction fees at TA, Petro or TA Express*
    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • Rewards opportunities through the UltraONE® Loyalty Program
    Apply Here: Full-Service Travel Centers
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    Are all those links legit ? .he is pretty new and only have 12 posts .
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    It takes you to each company’s official website… you tell me?
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    Url spoofing ? . You tell me . Maybe delete the links and leave the information up there. Everything is one click away on Google anyway and most of those links you posted collect personal information because they are about applying for a credit line .
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    URL Spoofing would be like this….

    Plus the only thing that’s relevant in that thread to you is FindItParts since you own a Peterbilt or the Shop Cummins website.
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    Yea. One has to wonder how much TTR was paid for this posting. After all they typically delete spam, not make it a pin.
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    The thread is closed for now. You, of all people, should know that TTR doesn't allow free advertising and we resent your implication.
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