In need of some help or advice with obtaining my CDL

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    FFE now has a terminal in Xenia, Ohio and has their own cdl schools in various places.
    Submit an online application for cdl training and maybe they'll hire you for further training.
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    NOBODY feels they have enough practice at the end of CDL school. CDL schools have 1 goal to give you just enough info/practice to pass the state test. That's all you can expect from a school. Watch YouTube videos on individual backing maneuvers so you understand what you are doing and then do them slow enough you complete them.

    Here's a great YT video on the CDL Pre-trip inspection. Watch it over and over. You only have to pass the pre-trip test once and YT is the best way to learn it.
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    Jun 7, 2019
    FFE will train him. The training for Ohio I believe is out of the Lemont, Il terminal. The Xenia terminal is hiring for local, regional, and linehaul (OTR terminal to terminal) Zach the terminal manager is a really good guy.
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    You graduated nothing.

    Trucking school graduates people when they pocket that new CDL A or B in their wallet last day. Otherwise you repeat the test or schooling until you actually can pass a State Test for a CDL (Thats your graduation)

    No wonder you feel short shirfted.
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    Your in hiring area for Keller if in NE Ohio. They now have their own trucking school I believe. They keep changing their set up. They were working with truck driving school. Now I believe they are doing it all themselves. They have a Finishing Program. Not sure how it would work without a CDL. You need the CDL Permit I guess you have that if already went to a school. You can call and see what they say. They have guarantee minimum pay. You get paid more if you run more miles. They like to run their trucks 70 hour in 6 days. That's how they can guarantee you will make money every week. If you don't get home for the weekend (34 hour reset) you get $100 extra/layover pay

    Truck Driving Academy - Earn your CDL with Keller Trucking

    Finishing Program - Train the right way with Keller Trucking!

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    Even after 10 years I wouldn't feel ready if I had to go do my test today just from nerves but I had to retest 6 months ago and I passed everything on the first try because you payed for it I would at least study on your own and try to pass the test before calling a trucking company you will make more money with a new cdl than no cdl going in
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    I would not have too much trouble meeting and rolling a semi out of the yard today, just a little rusty and a touch bouncy for about oh 10 minutes maybe.

    Some things you never forget until you understand enough time has passed that you forgot.

    As they say like time with a woman, all that comes back in a hurry if you are any good.
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    This cold, harsh, blunt, but very true statement made me chuckle. I ain't ####
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    I don’t think you are cut out for trucking. You need thick skin and a tough spine. You already let some company take 6k which should be guaranteed cdl and you quit on your own and didn’t get money back and looking for opinions. That company you paid for cdl is laughing all the way to the bank cause you didn’t even challenge them
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