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Discussion in 'Knight' started by crst trucker 06, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. crst trucker 06

    crst trucker 06 Bobtail Member

    Jun 12, 2006
    i am in the process of trying to quit crst and thinking of going to work for knight. i hear several conflicting reviews about them. can anyone tell me anything about them, and are they good on getting you miles, like say 3,000 or more for a solo driver running the 11 western states???
    i want to get into their lease program. any info on that? i would appreciate any help on that.
  2. jamwadmag

    jamwadmag Road Train Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    Desert Southwest
    Been driving for Knight 3 years now on the 11 western regional runs----my daily average is about 300-350miles/day!! They specialize in short-medium runs, so lots of loading/unloading time!!! They also specialize in "cheap freight" so lots of crappy customers to deal with (and try to dock at)!
  3. kc0rey

    kc0rey Medium Load Member

    Jul 5, 2005
    Macomb, IL
    Their SaferStat numbers suck.

    ISS is 93. ISS recomendation is to Inspect.
  4. skullitor

    skullitor Medium Load Member

    Aug 5, 2005
    New England
    Every terminal runs like a different company.Only eastern terminals run EZ -Pass for toll roads.I've seen lots of bad things on boards about Knight.I'd avoid them.
  5. poppysophiedog

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    Jan 5, 2007
    I just left knight Ican tell you that you sit alot @loading docks Ive had one run in 10 days you also run alot over your service hours and ofcourse they dont want you to log it. but they do have nice trucks. long runs are hard to get. good luck.
  6. jamwadmag

    jamwadmag Road Train Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    Desert Southwest
    Yeah, most of that is right.. The DM's will push you and turn their heads to get loads done, but if the Safety Dept pops up with complaints, the DM's 'don't know you!' LOL They specialize in short-medium runs (pay more/mile on those runs, but basically comes to chicken feed[​IMG]
    The good part about those short-med runs, is I have always (but once in 3 yrs) gotten home weekly---usually out 5-7 days, full insurance, but miles could be 2000-3400, of course unless now thru Mar, just came back after "2" days out/700 miles (but had 2 lds CANCEL at last min---Boo) cause slow freight! I slip trks every week, can get in/out in 15-20 mins (don't setup til later that nite),. have most everthing in that 15-20 min loadup that the long-term Line driver carries (don't take my good CB, use handheld tho). One thing, tho, is that they DO NOT pay for experience! Think starting out all drivers now is $.33/mile, with up to two $.01 raises/year---but have too many hoops to jump thru to get those raises: the usual on-time freight, no accidents (think over $1K damages), 1 or 2 moving viols (?), no customer complaints, but also check you idle times, mileage, safety courses taken (on YOUR time--not paid), and more crap stuff!! I could go on, but am boring myself...see me below...

    GIGGLES Bobtail Member

    Jan 7, 2007
    Try Us Xpress. Worked with them for almost 6 months had to leave due to my father becoming ill. Would support them always. When you go to one of the terminals you are treated with respect and as a family member.
  8. devildice

    devildice Light Load Member

    Nov 29, 2006
    I am curious......if USX was so great, why didn't you return to them instead of Knight????
  9. jamwadmag

    jamwadmag Road Train Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    Desert Southwest
    I am not gonna defend Knight, cause they do have some CS, but never heard of 10-day sit!!! I've run with them 3 yrs now, only 2 times got layover pay! The way you get the long runs is doing the 48---if you are like me (11 W Regional States) I get between 400-800 mile runs, but those get me home weekly!!! Only 1 time in 3 yrs didn't happen!!
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  10. keepsonrollin'

    keepsonrollin' Bobtail Member

    Aug 13, 2007
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    I can safely say this about sitting. (last 2 weeks) day 1) dispatched on a 800 mile run that delivered in 2 days (crap load but typical). Day 2) End of day arrived at customer. Day 3) Sent to Portland Yard to wait on a load. Day 4) Still in portland yard. Day 5) Still in Portland yard, finally dispatched on a load around noon going from Portland, OR to Toledo, OR same day delivery. (supposed to be picking up at same facility after unloaded). Day 6) Still at customer had a mishap on the knight brokerage side and them forgetting to confirm load with customer. load finally ready at 1700 needing to be in Wallula, WA at or before midnight (according to knight and my bills) arrive at customer with load at 23:30 only to find that tthe customer had been shut down since 2030 and would not reopen for another 47.5 hours (2300).:biggrin_25510: Day 7) got ahold of knight finally who then decides to make me sit on the load ((go figure)):biggrin_25510: Day 8) stuck at customer Day 9) check in with customer at 2300. Day 10) finally empty and away from the dock at 1030. Move over to customers trailer yard and contact dispatch. Dispatch tells me to sit tight their working on freight for me. Finally get a load assignment 1300. Load delivers next day to Reno, NV. Day 11) Deliver load at 2300 when my appointment is. Day 12) Sat in Reno, NV until 2100 waiting for my next load to be ready. Finally got it ready and headed for Redwood City, CA. Day 13) Arrived at customer at 0300 not scheduled to be unloaded until 1000 got a space in the dock at 0800 swapped to the empty trailer there pulled around front sent in all the information needed and ready for another load at 0900. Dispatch informed me there was nothing close for the day so i was supposed to sit yet again. :biggrin_25510: Day 14) Finally got a load at 0900 pickup at 1000 23 miles away. picked up load only to run down to LA and be expected to sit the entire weekend in our crappy yard in LA so instead i went home.... This has been a typical 2 week period for me over the past month. They say freight volume has increased and if that were so why would i now be sitting more than i have since i started with the company 6 months ago. Its not like im restricted to a 3, 6 or 11 state area. I am perfictly willing to run from coast to coast just not a few select citys on the east coast that ive had some trouble in before.
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