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Discussion in 'Car Hauler and Auto Carrier Trucking Forum' started by stanton, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. stanton

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    Nov 5, 2020
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    Yesterday at 10:55 PM
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    About me:

    Newish to the industry.
    34 y/o male resident in VA with no CDL. Consider getting it.
    Starting a dealership and inadvertently got into car hauling.
    Have two drivers, 26, 3 to 4 years with no moving violations, plus 5, great records that want to haul cars.

    A few questions as I consider undertaking such a venture.

    How to best approach INSURANCE, DOT/MC numbers, LEGAL ENTITY in terms of location:
    For the best insurance rates. Mississippi hit my radar. When filling out DOT and MC applications, what is needed to show that I have a place of business in the state besides an office location? In other words, what parts of the application will the insurace rep to establish where I hold my trucks?

    The insurance application is attached that i found on the net. Apparently there is an inspection of where the trucks are going to be held. Does anyone have a property or an ideal location in MS that I could rent in order to establish business locations there? with fences or security cameras.

    2.Truck Model:

    Is there a truck that can haul 12 cars?
    I have found a cab over but my drivers feel they are too dangerous.
    Between the following Stingers with overhead mounts:
    Early 90's Volvo WAH64 with T60 Detroit
    Early 2000's Sterling Rockweil with Cab, cummins motor. (700,000 miles)
    which would you choose? Why?

    My reasoning:

    Volvo with Detroit because durability, parts, longevity, mpg, no emissions.
    holds more cars bc no cab. both have stinger trailers. EZ loader or High rail.
    Cummins has 700,000 miles on it. Volve runs okay with no blow by. Not sure how many miles though.

    Anything I can look at, such as oil, the get a feel for how the motor is functioning? Upon checking the oil, is it something it can tell me beyond it needing to be changed or not?

    3. Limits for car haulers:

    I have noticed holder car holders hold more. For instance this has a 9 car trialer and a 3 car overhead.

    2000 STERLING LT9500 FOR SALE #62725

    Has anyone fit a 2000 Freightliner dual axle Semi onto a car hauler trailer? both the trailer and the freightliner are 102 inches wide. Is this possible with taking the outside wheels off and backing it on with the trailer wedge all the way down?
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  3. brian991219

    brian991219 Road Train Member

    Aug 10, 2013
    Lords Valley, PA
    You are all over the place here but I will do my best to answer your questions.

    Business location - You will need to establish your company where you have a physical presence not just where you think insurance rates are the best. This will need to be more than a rented lot, they will require an actual office with a phone line, employee or you there as well as storage of all DOT related records at that address. Both the insurance company as well as the IRP (apportioned plates) will require proof of your location. Besides, even if MS is cheaper it won't be once you tell them you are running cars up into VA to your dealership. Commercial insurance rates are based in part off the distance from home base you travel as well as the areas you travel not just the area you call home.

    Truck Model - Yes, there is one odd duck that can haul 12 cars although they must be small cars. This will be a cabover and old, not currently in production. The typical car hauler is a 9 car carrier although that does not guarantee you will always get 9 units on a load as size and weight (as well as driver skill) plays a large part in what can be loaded. Both the older trucks you mention would be fine if you were an experienced driver and did your own work, not good for hired hands -especially younger guys that may not be able to baby the truck to keep it going. I do not recommend older trucks like those for anyone that is not an owner operator.

    Limits for Car Haulers - You are misreading that add, there is no such thing as a 9 car trailer in the US. That rig holds up to a total of 9 units, with up to 3 on the head ramp and up to 6 on the trailer. And, no you will not be loading the Freightliner onto the trailer to haul it.

    Unsolicited advice, but stick with selling cars and leave the hauling to professionals. Unless this is something you want to learn to do yourself and do it as a full time business you will not make a profit while diverting your attention between trucking and the car dealership.
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  4. pavrom

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    Apr 29, 2012
    NE illinois
  5. Tropsnart

    Tropsnart Heavy Load Member

    Jun 8, 2015
    Pavilion New York
    As for checking the oil before purchasing, I always pull the dipstick out and rub the oil between my index finger and thumb 10 times. Then look closely to see if I can find metal shavings or only little $ signs. If I see dollar signs I take the dipstick to a mirror and chant "mirror, mirror on the wall am I the greatest dipstick of them all?"
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  6. Banker

    Banker Road Train Member

    Aug 19, 2012
    You learn something new every day on this forum. Do the $$$ signs appear on current vehicles owned or strictly potentially purchased vehicles?
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  7. Tropsnart

    Tropsnart Heavy Load Member

    Jun 8, 2015
    Pavilion New York
    I made the mistake of purchasing this equipment sight unseen. Luckily for me it was new and came with a warranty. Although its been a great truck so far, every time I open the hood I hear a voice that says " sell me!". If I pull the dipstick I hear "open your wallet sucker."
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