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    I remember a question from somewhere; "You work in a grocery store and witnessed an employee steal a couple of apples and eat them; would you report it to the boss?"
    I lied and said, "Yes, I would report it."

    Google for intergrity interview questions.
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    "If you answered yes, would you cut some slack for Caitlyn Jenner?"
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    There is a specific system called the PEACE and then the REID System to gain information in form of facts from a cooperative and non cooperative suspect.

    Any kind of questioning can be structured to cause you to answer in a certain way you think is true and if it happens to be a battery of a test questions based on Mental Health that some companies will adminster to you such as the following question...

    If you are running late and out of hours before arriving at customer, will you stop and go to sleeper berth? Yes, no, maybe, don't know. One of those answers has already been chosen by the Company administering the test as a secret positive pass. The other three will not pass you towards a job with them. It's Behavioral do you understand?

    ATS gave me a battery of questions of that nature to examine me and see what sort of trucker I would be. I managed to get inside the one room when it's door was open and discovered there was a printout of test results from that battery under my social security number with my answers and company responses to recruiter to more carefully question me later based on some non positive results. (My answer to that question was yes I would go into sleeper, that would be classified as a service failure by dispatch...) Recruiter did question me later that day and I saw it coming.

    I can only fight what I see coming. And I tend to examine everything around me when given the chance including getting into rooms that are not allowed to have drivers in....

    DM Bowman had a special class that classified people into one of 4 positions on a behavior chart mean to detect and cold read people on sight. Doers, thinkers, dreamers and introverts. Each one had very specific traits that you can depend on. If you were up against a Doer, it's like going against a Military 4 star general, if you did not offer this person a specific goal to chew on you are going to get run over and discarded. Or abused. For example.

    Trucking is big time. Bigger than any one person. It's not just a JOB and it's not for the weak. You are fixing to involve yourself with the Nation. YOU will be part of what keeps America rolling and fools are not going to last very long out there.
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    Thanks for the input everyone! Much appreciated
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    Wow. For such a "big time" thing, we sure do seem to have a lot of scumbags.
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    Just remember, being a character is not the same as having character.
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    It's worth noting that the interviewer also does not necessarily know what the "right" answer is. They are often told that there are no right or wrong answers, but of course the fact that they are basing their decision to employ you (in part), on your answers, illustrates the lie, there.

    "Character" questions also allow employers to discriminate. If your character shows that you would obey DoT regulations at the expense of a service failure, and the company would rather that you violate the regulation, they can eliminate you from hiring eligibility with that answer, and simply not explain the "character" flaw that the test exposed, to you or the interviewer - and in this way they hire only people who will complete the run, without having to take on the liability of actually telling drivers to violate the regulations. They can also just claim that the character test showed that you were "not a good fit", if you were too old, too black, too gay, too english-as-a-second-language, or someone just didn't like you.

    Subjective character assessments like this should probably be as illegal as requiring your social security number, prior to putting you on payroll, probably ought to be... :p
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