Is it bad to skip gears while loaded (13 speed)

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Cobrawastaken, Feb 28, 2020.

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    The whole original idea behind the 13 was to have a single stick airshifted user friendly trans that allowed the at the time engines to stay at higher rpm and in a perfect power band and pull when shifted from the bottom to the top of the ladder and only have a 250-300 rpm difference between gears. Just like the 4x4’s and 5X4’s did. The 10’s and 15’s could not do that they were too “wide” and that is why the 13’s ruled the road back than. The 18’s are the new generation and continue that legacy.
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    I don't understand the situation enough to get into that problem. If a driver is so untrained or lazy etc and wreck a transmission etc then that driver does not need to be in the industry.
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    You can’t hurt it. I can’t hurt it. He (the op) can’t hurt it. But with a rubber hammer I bet soneone else could. Lol
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    I drive a 13 on my pete and if im empty or light ill run it thru til about 7 then split to 7high and split from there. If heavy i split all the top side gears and keep the engine in high rpms. The whole point to a 13 is its way more fun than a 9/10 speed so u might as well work it like its designed
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    And that's the entire problem with the trucking industry. You've got people spouting off nonsense like its true, new guys believe it and pass it on to the next set of new guys.
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    If you ain't sittin' so close to the floor that your wallet chain is draggin,' well, son, you best turn in your fingerless gloves and aviator shades, 'cause you ain't never gonna qualify as a Real Truck Driver!
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    Used to run Hwy40/48 long before I-68 was ever on paper. It was fun, seeing how most trucks back then didn't have Jake's. Smoked a few brake pads in those days too. Learned how to adj with a hammer and a 9/16 wrench. My first truck was a 1972 GMC Astro.
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    No damage whatsoever some companies order 9 speeds then covert it at resale time.he was driving it like a 9 speed is all..
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    Don’t see you damaging the transmission like that the only damage you’ll do is if you lug the engine the pistons will go thru a lot of heat and the bearings will wear quicker. But that’s the engine. The only damage you’ll do to the transmission is forcing it in a gear that’s not matched correctly (grinding gears) or slamming the clutch while the engine is revved up too high.
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    Thank you all for the replies. I was pretty sure it couldn't cause damage, but wanted to confirm it. Some drivers love to talk out their ### and spread misinformation I guess.
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