Is Schneider a good company to work for?

Discussion in 'Schneider' started by jemack1, Nov 29, 2010.

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    No problem a tall!
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    Well, I suspect it depends on what and where you are going to work. If you plan on working at SNI anyways, why not take them up on their offer. It was not available to me when I started. I paid nearly 4k in cash for my training, then happily went to work for SNI with no reimbursement.

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    I worked for SNI for 7 years. I think they are prob the best out there right now, always have freight and will get you descent hometime. I am not sure what they pay tho, as I was an O/O with them, but of all the companies I had ran with, they were the best and if I ever lose my dedicated gig, i will be going back to them ASAP!!
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    Are you sure you work for Schneider. I was on the bulk side for 3 years and never once did I not get paid for moving a load. If you look at your short-haul pay scale, it will list moves 0-10 miles or less paid at $xx.xx If you are not getting this, then maybe you should have a talk with your DBL and see what's up, cuz everyone else gets paid moving ANY trailer. I ran local Chicago and did several moves a day ALL with-in the same zipcode and got paid short-haul for all of them, and $$ for wash-out and load. I think you might need a refresher course somewhere or talk with your OC Manager because something isn't right here :biggrin_25513:
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    Yes, I'm sure I work for schneider, LOL. and yes, I had a very long talk with my DBL, The OSR, & His boss last week. I took them a copy of all of my pay stubs, a copy of all of the loads & runs that I did since I was hired, along with each runs routing & mileage. After a very leangthy discussion and research, it came down to someone getting their butt chewd out. As it turns out, they owed me for well over 9k miles, 23 trailer moves, 11 lay overs, a total of about 30 hrs of detention time and 2 restarts. Need I say that comes out to ONE Hefty & well needed pay check.

    Unfortunately, we (Bulk) do not get paid for washouts, unless we are needed to sit & wait on the same trailer for our next run, which is hardly and almost never the case.

    As for current miles, they still keep getting shorter & shorter runs, so I'm definately looking at going elswhere, as we all know, we're not getting paid if our trucks are not moving. They claim that we should be getting our new Bulk trucks this year which "Should" reduce the time we spend on breakdowns, but that has yet to be seen. My truck has well over 1/2 million miles on it & you can almost set your watch by when it will be broken down again, (every 2 weeks, like clock work).

    Thanks to those who suggested having that much needed talk, at least we are now back to being square on the pay, however, in bulk, we do get paid by zip code to zip code in combination with HHG miles. & they do not have any intentions of changing that. (That's from the big boss herself)
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    Dear Pablo:

    I want to apologize for your experience at the Fontana terminal with the "Southern California Regional Recruiting Manager". Clearly if what you say is true this person who represents my company in a vital way acted inappropriate and unprofessionally. You describe a person who was rude, prejudicial, and perhaps due to her use of cold medicine brought her personal issues into the workplace and inflicted them on you. Please PM me with the details so I can contact my people in Fontana to remedy the situation promptly. We can provide this person with counseling, educational material, and a review of our corporate philosophy that we do not condone such racial? profiling in a diverse workplace. I would hate to have this information (true or untrue) published on an internet board to influence potential driving candidates that we condone such an inappropriate and actionable corporate culture. I apologize that you had such an experience; please contact me and the contacts I will provide you to make good on this unfortunate
    and regretful experience.

    Turbo (and my other Schneider apologists)
    Pablo Acosta Villareal

    (short list: US Xpress good, Werner very bad, Schneider not good,)
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    All i have to say about this ( having not work for SNI yet) is there are a lot of happy guys on here that have...They have a training school now and i hope to be attending...these threads have only help to confirm that my research for the right Company to lease on with are right...SNI is a good start for me...Thank you all
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    I just got down with the EXP drivers orientation at the Carlisle yard and it was good. For the most part, everyone I met was great. There is one instructor there that is a pain in the arse, but we just did the grin and bare it action with him... I was sceptical at first about the company, but I was proven wrong so far.
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    If you live close to Wilmington,NC. go to Cape Fear Community college, and take thier truck driving class. 10 weeks 700 bucks. Class "A" school. My wife went there and has driven with me for three years at JCT and one at Inman
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