Is SmartTruckll stupid or is it me?

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  1. allendriven

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    Aug 10, 2019
    I went ahead and bought the subscrption for S.T. ll and it was working fine everywhere I went WA, OR, ID, WY, CO, NV. I get to CA and the #### thing is trying to drive me off a cliff and up the wall! Set it up for 2 trailers, 5 axles and 80k and it takes me to roads I have no business being on, i.e. " Man weight 10 ton" or "king pin to axle over 45 feet not recomended". It also will keep taking me off the freeway to a frontage detour 2 - 20 miles out of my way. Anyone else thinks this is strange? Works out of Cali but here it makes google maps look like Rand McNally. ( Yes, I know its a google product).
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    You buy a 20 dollar motor carriers atlas and learn how to use paper maps and legend to find truck STAA routes and interstate routes in truck road planning etc. You call or check with each state's DOT online or via their Commerical Vehicle enforcement board to determine if a road can take a big truck or not.

    Planning. The more you know for a fact you cannot do this or that the less you get into problems. You actually eliminate them.

    You spend some time using that Motor Carriers Atlas combined with a detailed and careful checking of routes that are not certain or unknown. Your company will know whats up. They have been running loads before you showed up.

    Do not be that idiot following the GPS dot in the box on the rack above your windshield. and you will be fine.

    You will find some have asked questions in the past about a route. And we are more than happy to pitch in. I remember one in Virgina wanting to access the blue ridge the hardway from their peidmont coastal area. I evaluated US33 west of Harrisonburg in some detail and found Horsecamp Gap to be a serious trucking problem and not exactly a good road when one or two alternatives presented by others proved to be a better path.
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    Text that support number and explain it. They will fix the issues on routing.
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    Jul 6, 2009
    Copilot struggled in cali also
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