Is the freight really slow

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by str8arrow, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Gio

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    Aug 3, 2007
    Saint Louis area
    Is freight slow? There is less freight than a year ago.
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    Oct 24, 2007
    vernon hill, va
    Brickman81 How long do you think it will take jody to start entertaining your girl friend and drinking your beer???? Hurry up and get on the road!!!!!!!!! Let's see how big of a truck driver you are!!!!! One of these days you'll see how important a family is. I hope you don't wait until it's to late...:biggrin_2551::biggrin_2551::biggrin_2551:
  4. dave99dave2003

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    Apr 19, 2007
    I have to agree about freight being slower this year than last. Last week I ended the week with 2800 this week IM closer to my average of 3200. IM heading home this weekend so I hope I can scrape 2k out of this slow period. Sat night I stopped in Lake Station alot of trucks were just idling when I got there and when I left this Morning. I have my Mon del around Appleton WI I hope I can make some mile on the way down to GA. I do hope fuel prices improve I know OO are suffering due to this slow freight and high fuel.
  5. Rockatansky

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    Feb 23, 2008
    Anywhere, USA
    Since I don't have any STDs, no, I couldn't see myself with Spears or Parasite Hilton. (they both take Valtrex)

    Let them spend their money foolishly.
    Those trinkets and clothes they buy and wear only once get made somewhere and shipped by us.
    That affects everyone who works.

    George Soros on the other hand should be shot for treason IMAO.

    He and a bunch of others including Bill Gates dumped all their Dollars for foreign currency and every day the dollar doesn't fall, they either break even or loose money compared to if they kept their dollars.
    That's why Soros was on cable news last month trying to get people scared claiming the dollar WILL collapse.
    If it doesn't, he's out some big money.

    The fact that he is so brazenly trying to get America to screw itself just so he can maximize his portfolio really burns my bacon.

    Every day the US stock market doesn't tank and the foreign ones flounder makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
  6. Working Class Patriot

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    Jan 17, 2008
    Wherever and Whenever...
    Well actually one foreign market is doing extremely well and that is Brazil. They are completely off the OPEC teat and are self-sufficient when it comes to energy. They make ethanol from sugar cane and not from corn like we're doing now. If the envior-whackos would just #### and let us drill for oil in ANWR and off the the coast of CA we could be self-sufficient too. Want to talk about a 3000 Dow!
    Energy is the motivation behind our economy. Unfortunately, our liberal friends want us to return to the days of the horse and buggy but they forgot that horse s*** smells worse than diesel fumes.
  7. Brickman81

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    Jan 24, 2008
    Las Vegas, NV
    Please tell me your not trying to start a E-fight with me... I would like to think the posters around here are better then that.
  8. steelerfan67

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    Dec 5, 2007
    Lebanon, pa

    I agree many people live well above their means, living off credit cards, and buying STUFF they do not need only want.
    There is nothing wrong with people being well off, many of those people busted their butts all their lives to afford that luxury. I hear people whining Sam Walton had too much money,and his kids have too much money, bull he started out will little and worked hard to build a company that is very successful, his family deserves to reap those benefits.

    There is a difference between Jealousy and Envious , Being Jealous you hate the fact someone has more then you. Being Envious of someone is you envy their success but your happy for them.
    Most people have the jealous streak that want what everyone else has but they either do not want to work really hard to get it or think Uncle Sam owes them and should give it to them.
    Just like with the sub-prime loans, people bought houses they could not afford and did not take the time to understand what they were getting into and now feel the government should bail them out BULL!

    That is the Liberal mentality, if I mess up let the government fix it for me. Give me health Insurance give me, give me, give me.

    People need to take charge of their own lives and stop expecting others to fix their problems.

    Driving a truck you need a plan, even company drivers. If you cannot pay your bills with what you earn either cut back in the budget or go do something else. Trucking is not the problem the drivers are who think I can get a CDL and drive around the country with having a mortgage, kids, car payment, credit cards. They jump right out thinking their going to make big money with no clue. It takes more then picking up and driving from point A to Point B. They jump from company to company.
    They whine because companies are hiring Mexicans, I agree they will work for less but one thing I do know they will work hard and they do not whine. " I am not going to NY or I will not drive I-80 in the winter. Drivers feel companies should kiss their butt. I have a CDL give me what I want.
  9. Tip

    Tip Tipster

    Mar 18, 2006
    You guys are missing the point here. Sure, working hard and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is great. I've done it myself. And Sam Walton is definitely deserving of what he got. But the problem is what happens next. Too many people today don't have to work. Their daddies did all the sweating, and now they're living off the dowries. But not only do they not work, they don't really invest in going concerns, either. They don't want to invest in capitalist ventures, as they're risk averse. They stick their money in their portfolios and expect somebody else to take all the risk to make the returns those portfolios are expected to bring. Plus, these people are so tightwad they'll outsource their labor overseas if they even do jump in and take risks.

    Meanwhile, hardworking have-nots, if they're lucky enough to be employed full-time, are expected to work harder for less so these jokers can keep what they have.

    Welcome to real-world capitalism. Reagan's trickle-down theory is a joke. When people get wealthy they sit on their wealth and stop taking risks. They expect YOU, Mr. Blue Collar, to take all the risks and live on less and less and less. And considering these people are much more polictally organized (they vote) than you, well.....nothing is gonna change anytime soon. 'Sides...the powers that be want it this way. If too many people are too well off, we'll be importing Mexicans to do a lot more than just pick apples and dig potatoes.
  10. dancnoone

    dancnoone "Village Idiot"

    May 6, 2007
    Another VERY important item you left out, about Brazil.

    They're no longer in the IMF (International Monetary Fund). They take no funds, nor do they give funds.

    Many economist attribute this one item as the leading factor to the current economy in Brazil. Which could be called bleak by most Americans living standards. But in actuality, it's thriving. And many people who had nothing in the past, are climbing the economic ladder out of poverty.

    Brazil has a long way to go yet. But, they are most certainly on their way.

    As truck drivers and Americans, we'll have to learn to adapt to the current economy of our country. Simply whinning about it, doesn't work. Changing jobs won't work either. Unless you have a sh#### one to begin with.


    Glancing over my latest mailing from Social Security. I noted a huge swing in the amount I earned over the years. Sometimes as much as $20K. I still paid my bills during those years. And, I actual have more "free" money now. AKA money to save or spend.

    I sat down with the wife, and my financial planners (read mom and Sister who happens to be a CPA) this week. My short term budget is planned out to July of this year. I can't afford NOT to plan ahead, as we are making some major updates/repairs on our house.

    Family is a great source of honest enforcement and support :D
  11. steelerfan67

    steelerfan67 Light Load Member

    Dec 5, 2007
    Lebanon, pa
    If people have been brought up with money because of their parents hard work shouldn't afford the luxury of not having work. What they do with their money is their business not the government.

    US workers are one of the highest paid in the world, the problem is most Americans try to live above their means instead living within their means and doing with out things like 36 in plasma TV's and 40,000 SUV's making 40,000 year and a 600 car payment.
    They took all this risk to get wealthy why should they risk it.
    If you chose to be blue collar that is your fault, get an education, learn a trade put some effort to achieve something better for yourself.

    I do vote to keep the wacko liberals out of office, they want tax you to death to take care of the poor. If I bust my butt to kill something and drag it home and make a better life for myself I should not be burden with higher taxes to support the low life who won't make an effort to do better and try to support a family on McDonald's wages.
    There is nothing wrong with being successful except when the government wants you to support the poor.
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