Is there paid truck training school available in the Dallas area?

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    Dot Foods has a "dock-to-driver" program in Saginaw, TX
    Warehouse to Driver Program | Drive for Dot | Dot ...
    Warehouse to Driver Program | Drive for Dot | Dot Transportation, Inc.
    Jul 19, 2019 · Jul 19, 2019. Companies across the country are always looking for ways to recruit more drivers. At Dot, we found that for some people who have never been a truck driver before, entering the industry can be intimidating. So, we created the Warehouse to Driver Program —a gradual transition program that allows employees to get used to Dot and the way we function in the warehouse before attending driving school and then, ultimately, transitioning into a Dot driver role with Dot …
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    I'm not sure if you're still interested in information, but when I first started out trying to find a company sponsored school here in Texas, I found that virtually all of them (KLLM (FFE), Raider Express, Stevens Transport, Schneider, Swift, etc) were all based in or around Dallas/Fort Worth.

    The only company that I found that actually pays you to go to school was Raider Express and it wasn't much. The big plus for Raider Express was that they didn't make you sign a contract and you could just quit after their training and not owe them anything. I ended up at KLLM and highly recommend their training for the following reasons...

    KLLM has their own academy in Lancaster, TX with dorm rooms that they allow you to use for no extra charge. They're super nice and resemble a hotel room. They have cable TV, single bed, bathroom/shower, etc in the room.

    Their academy has their own cafeteria and they serve you three meals a day, six days a week.

    They make you sign a years commitment to drive for FFE, but that year starts the day you enter the school (not the day you get through with training and get your own truck) Their tuition is right at $4,000 and unlike the other mega carriers like Stevens and Knight (for example) they don't deduct it from your paycheck at all, if you stay a year, they forgive it. If you stay six months, you only owe half, etc.

    They pay for your drug test, they pay for your permit, they pay for your DOT physical, and they pay for your license once you pass the driving test.

    Most importantly, they're one of the few companies (or schools, for that matter) in Texas that still train their students/employees on a manual transmission. When I was there, we were trained in 2014 Freightliner Cascadia's with a 10 speed transmission.

    I know for a fact that Stevens and Raider Express use automatics for training. To some, the ability to drive a manual transmission isn't a big deal, but it can open opportunities for your career that someone with an automatic restricted license won't have.

    KLLM/FFE and Swift are in Lancaster, Raider Express is in Fort Worth, Stevens is in Mesquite, Schneider and Knight are in Wilmer.

    Hope that information helped.
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